40 years of BRABUS – Was only a passion from a father and son!


A guy named Bodo Buschmann turned young man’s passion for speed and power into a top-notch, growing into a  serious business, and redefined the concept of tuning vehicles. From a small workshop in the center of Bottrop, Germany fulfill his dream in a high-performance aftermarket tuning company which specializes in Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Tesla and Maybach vehicles.

It all started in 1977 when Bodo Buschmann, at his 22 year of age studying as a Law and Business Administration student, bought the new Porsche. His father, the authorized representative of Mercedes at that time, was not happy with his son’s choice buying a Porsche, even when several times when Bodo parked the Porsche in the courtyard of front at the Bottrop’s salon. He will then respect his father’s demands and replace his Porsche with a Mercedes-Benz S class, but he was not happy at all with that decision.


The legendary Mercedes W116 model was comfortable with strong chassis, but the power output and the acceleration with the top speed could not be compared with the specs of a Porsche in that time. And instead of going to a college, Bodo was dedicated entirely to his new car in search of additional horsepower and speed. It turned out to be extremely successful in this research and be a huge enthusiast starting the business, and the empowered W116  Mercedes model began to attract the attention of the customers who came to his father’s salon.


After couple of mounts the first order of customers who wanted something more than their classic Mercedes , orders that inspired the idea of ​​setting up a separate company. And as at that time German law imposed at least two people for opening a Limited Liability Company GmbH, Bodo appealed to Klaus Brackmann, a friend he met at the university and created BRABUS as BRAckmann and BUSchmann.

Today when BRABUS celebrates 40 years of existence, and has over 100 distributors worldwide and annuals deliver around 6500 cars per year. A small workshop located in the center of Bottrop, opened by Bodo Buschmann right across the door of his father’s salon, turned into a huge complex of five factories employing about 450 workers and almost being able to think of BRABUS as the right car maker.


Highly experienced engineers work hard for the development of each engine, and apart from the body painting, and some fewer details, everything else is now being made under the BRABUS licence, hand-made like it was four decades ago. 

The success for fast and powerful cars, exclusivity and originality was the fuel that BRABUS began to use. A good voice spread rapidly, and shortly in Bottrop did not come only the owners of Mercedes from the surrounding region and cities in search of an extra horsemanship and the huge amount of torque. Very soon, in the Russian region, where the largest coal deposits are located and tourism is not particularly interesting, people are coming to search for the famous BRABUS, from all around the world.


The Mercedes model of BRABUS that became an important international player in the world of tuning was the E Class W210. In Bottrop, they make their version of the V12 engine with 582 hp and 772 NM,  making the E-class the fastest sedan in the world, with a top and highest speed that wasn’t limited to 250 but 330 km / h.

The combination of extreme speed, comfort and German quality has been dominated by BRABUS from the number of tuners that have appeared on the market over the years. In the early years, the biggest rival was the AMG factory, but after Mercedes took over from Affalterbach, BRABUS became the first leading company. They respected each and every one of the craziest wishes of the customers, working with built-in guitars, cabinets, initials of football players on the head of the engine, etc …

BRABUS was the tuning facility that will do everything to satisfy their costumers, they would change basically everything from interior as well as body tuning like exterior components, but if you ask about the price of the vehicle then, the a car from BRABUS wasn’t for you. It seemed that, only the sky was the limit..


 Evolution of BRABUS


Only two years after the founding of BRABUS in Bottrop, Germany the first client was from the United Arab Emirates. He arrived from the Middle East and he was the most important clients since the early days, and most of the cars that came out of the Bottrop facility exported to the United Arab Emirates.


The starting passion with increasing horse-powers the torque and overall improving the performance of the cars that BRABUS where tuning, was just only the begining.. the team led by Bodo Buschmann very soon start with production and got the potential to offer installation of their own multimedia systems in the vehicles.


In this year BRABUS took a one step further in the history of tuning vehicles, they actually enter in the Guinness Book of Records, thanks to their aerodynamic body kit from Bottrop of the W124 Mercedes model that has proved to have impressively small air resistance coefficient of 0.26 Cd that was tested in one special air tunnel.


Naming the official Bugatti EB110 model, was another confirmation of renown for BRABUS. Unfortunately, this collaboration didn’t last long, and the rare survivors with the signature of the German tuning company, today have a value that is measured in gold bars.


An American subsidiary parent company was opened in Newport Beach, California and at the same year the BRABUS MV12 emerged out from the Mercedes M class (W163), which with a top speed reaching of 260 km/h entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest road SUV.


Celebrating 25 years of existence in the car industry BRABUS has enhanced by producing and founding Smart BRABUS in cooperation with Daimler,including a three-year warranty or a limit of 100,000 km was introduced and the founding of the BRABUS Yachtcharter branch was also opened into production with high performance Yachts.


Building Rockets was their passion the high performance sport cars wasn’t just enough for BRABUS they make the first named ROCKET introduced on Mercedes CLS (C 219), which reaches a top speed of 366 km/h as the world’s new record for the series of the limousine class.