VW Scirocco History – 45 years of Evolution from now

More than one million VW Scirocco vehicles sold worldwide!

vw scirocco

At the beginning of the seventies, Volkswagen Group was literally on the verge to collapse, their sales with the Beetle model went down, the racing era begin to rise and the Beetle model wasn’t a challenge for the customers they want something more than just a ”car”.

The VW Scirocco Model wasn’t in their plan at Volkswagen at least until the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro designed a coupe model with strong chassis like the VW Beetle with more aerodynamic and racing proportions. 

Giugiaro surprised Volkswagen’s chiefs with his final concept design of the coupe model, they did accepted the design of the vehicle, but the original name for the VW Scirocco model they gave it to the Golf, while the new coupe version was called the VW Scirocco Coupe.

vw scirocco

The VW Golf chassis is built to feel as a sporty hatch model car that will be more enjoyable to drive and catching corners well, although they started the engine production with the poor 1.1 liter engine and only with 50 hp.

But that wasn’t just enough for to compete with the stronger engine at the time like the Opel Manta or the Ford Capri so they basically built the stronger engines like the 1.3, 1.5, 1.6 and the 1.7 engine for the European versions only for the US market they did an upgrade of 1.8 liter engine.

Even though it was pricey a bit from the rest of the competitors in its class, its reach a top record of units sold. The biggest problem became unexpected and not quite the planned, competition came from its own home. For a less money there was available a GTI version, more stronger chassis, more powerful engine and lot more euphoric drive.

Which its production was supposed to be in a small limited series, and in a short period of time it became a dream of every car enthusiastic, sold a lot more than they expected.

vw scirocco

However the VW Scirocco model was still in the process of production,VW Scirocco was produced as a two generations models, the one 1974 – 1981 and the second one from 1981-1992 and sold out in less than 800,000 copies or actually (795,650) while in 1988 they released the model Corrado.

However for VW Scirocco it wasn’t the full stop, it has risen again, based on the same platform as the Golf model but this time on its 3rd generation.

The 3rd generation of the VW Scirocco first came with a 1.4 and a 2.0 Petrol engines with a 122, 160 and 200 hp, later on they produced the VW Scirocco R version with 265 and 296 hp. They also did a Diesel version of the Scirocco with a 2 liter engine with 140 and 170, and the end they upgrade it with 177 hp.

vw scirocco

The Evolution of VW Scirocco


For the first time Volkswagen showed Scirocco to the world, built on the chassis of the first generation of Golf model, and was launched as a global model sold worldwide. With only gasoline engine. one with 50 hp and the other with 110 hp. For only 9 years was sold nearly 505.000 units of the VW Scirocco model or actually 504.153.


The Second model of the VW Scirocco was more aggressive character than the previous model or the First generation of Scirocco, it did got more powerful engines in both versions of the gasoline engines, one was with 1.3 liter with 60 hp and the other one was the sportier version or the 1.8 liter engine with 139 hp. The Second generation of the Scirocco model came with richer or better equipment than the previous model. As a non expected fail was the sale for the second generation of Scirocco in comparison of the previous one, listing exactly 291,497 unites sold worldwide.


35 years after the first premiere for the first model of VW Scirocco, 27 years after the second generation and 16 years after the shutting down of its production of the VW Scirocco, however Volkswagen demonstrated again its vision for the last and third generation of the Scirocco model as an affordable sports model created on the basis of an all-powerful Golf.