50 years ago Bosch invent the electric fuel injection ( Jetronic)

Bosch Jetronic

50 years ago in 1967 Bosch Jetronic introduced the first ever made electronic fuel injection system, which make the driving experience less stressful and more comfortable in addition to the standard injection system in a benefit will lower the fuel consumption and gain lot more power and torque, initially cost an additional 10 percent more from the price of vehicle, than the standard injection system in that time.

It was a highly secret project with a maximum confidentiality, no one didn’t know about this project in the whole automotive industry or was able to find out anything about the revolutionary technology Bosch special engineers were working on.

When Bosch bought their first test vehicle in 1959, it was decided to be a regular vehicle for the company. In fact, this specific vehicle has been rebuilt to be the test vehicle for the most secret project they build: electronically controlled gasoline injection.

Before every service maintenance of the vehicle, Bosch engineers basically reattached the factory carburetor and  returned to the vehicle so that car engineers wouldn’t suspect what Bosch was doing. 

Herman School as a main engineer  had a leading role in the development for building the electronic fuel injection system since 1962.

Now he is a President of the Bosch Group, School saying that “When we first introduced the system in 1964, our customer Volkswagen was dramatically skeptical, as did all other car manufacturers as we tried to convince them of the real value of our innovative injection system.”

When the engineers started to work on the project, there was only one test vehicle, and customers gave Bosch just two years to prepare the production system.

The system was far ahead of all technology that was built-in that time that, no similar system was able to product such a serial production of that kind of tech as Bosch did. As School says, “the manufacturers had to accept a certain risk.”

Bosch Jetronic

Bosch Jetronic Injection System has increase Performance and Improved fuel economy


In September 14, 1967, Bosch introduced the electronically operated “Jetronic” at the International car show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. 

That same year, Bosch electronic injection system was introduced to the North American market for the new Volkswagen car models. USA government bring new laws and measures about the new emission of harmful gases demanded this new type of vehicles.

The Bosch Jetronic Injection System has been available in Europe,since 1968, and it was more expensive by 10 percent compared to those with carburetor system.

At the beginning everyone was anxious to buy a car with the newer system build in and a very small number of customers buy the car with this technology.

However, car manufacturers have noticed two key advantages of the Bosch Jetronic system – less fuel consumption and potential to increase engine performance.

Future production won in this battle, electronic injection system in the preparation of a mixture ( air-fuel ) only electronics could achieve a significant reduction in consumption and emissions of harmful gases. This innovative technology has prepared a whole new era in the car manufacturer for new standards, in which Bosch was the main initiator.