Advanced Urban Vehicle Technology – New Autonomous Concept

The concept vehicle with urban-technology for the mega-trend of urban mobility

Advanced Urban Vehicle

The German ZF Group or also known as engineering and manufacturing in the automotive industry present their latest technology project named Advanced Urban Vehicle Technology, they are best known for producing vehicle components such as automatic transmissions and chassis for commercial vehicles worldwide.

ZF developed Advanced Urban Vehicle small-sized city-car with built-in smart technology for better maneuvering, intelligently networking individual chassis and driving assist system.

Skip the everyday traffic jam and entering in small parking spaces will bring you pleasure instead of making it difficult.

Smart Recognition – Advanced Urban Vehicle Technology

ZF made a built-in system assist to help the driver by not only in recognizing the best suitable parking space but, it will automatically park the vehicle with a single press of a button in the most difficult parking spaces.

The system works as obtain it’s information from twelve ultrasound sensors and two infrared sensors on the vehicle’s front-end, rear-end and side positions, it collect data and transfer to a specially designed module for the best parking solution calculated for the maximum overall length that the specific vehicle has.

The driver can control the vehicle during the parking process via two ways:

  • info display placed in the center of the cockpit or
  • maneuvering the vehicle by using a special application on a mobile device, or using a smartwatch.

Advanced Urban Vehicle

ZF PreVision Cloud Assist

ZF developers designed and built-in special software inside the vehicle that will offer special accounts for every driver.

To calculates everyday driving usage, geometry the Advanced Urban Vehicle Technology data and information for maximum speed and distance they achieve for every journey.

So what that means is that when the driver follows the same route again, the system calculates the optimum speed for an approaching corner on the basis, the Advanced Urban Vehicle driver assist function will throttles back the torque early on before entering the corner, to the point where the corner can be negotiated without any mechanical braking.

The greatest advantage of this Advanced Urban Vehicle Technology cornering assist is not the self breaking to recharge the battery that is built inside the car but to provides greater safety for the driver and the passengers particularly on blind corners.

Advanced Urban Vehicle

Front and Rear highly innovative axle

The Advanced Urban Vehicle Technology, has a rear wheel drive  with a semi-independent rear suspension eTB (electric Twist Beam) and a 40 KW electric motor located at the wheels. With axle torque of 1400 Nm and a maximum 21 000 RPM it can reach a top speed of 150 km/h.

The front axle is the highly innovated one indeed it can steer the wheel angle up to 75 degrees in addition to enormously increase the agility and maneuverability of this prototype. However it will be used for purposes only  during parking and turning maneuvers, on a low-speed.  

Thanks to the modified wheel deflection, the turning circle diameter of the Advanced Urban Vehicle is reduced to  under 6.50 meters.

Advanced Urban Vehicle

Communication via the Multi-Functional Steering Wheel

The Advanced Urban Vehicle Technology all time active PreVision Cloud Assist can be controlled by the multifunctional steering wheel, which ZF uses in the Advanced Urban Vehicle, features an Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display in the steering wheel rim in the driver’s field of view.

The driver is kept informed about the system’s intervention via the steering wheel, which features a OLED display and is equipped with hands-on detection (HOD) technology that ZF says creates the basis for assistance and automated driving functions designed to reduce the driver’s workload, such as in stop-go rush-hour traffic.

Advanced Urban Vehicle

This AI system will be available in other vehicles from different software engineering system and other car brands like the Nissan IMX (Intelligent Mobility).

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