Apollo IE Hypercar – The Most Unique and Organic Form!

Apollo IE

The Apollo IE (Intensa Emozione) or Intense Emotion is a superleggera hypercar made by a German Car Manufacturer Apollo Automobile located in Germany, Denkendorf. Designed by Joe Wong the Chief Designer emphasis the value of the final product with the most unique form, designed to be one of a kind.

Introduction of the Apollo IE

Apollo IE is a two-seat hypercar with a rear wheel drive and length of 5066 mm, 1995 mm wide and 1130 mm of height. The wheelbase 2700 mm  with a curb weight of just 1250 kg.

Thanks to its fully carbon fiber chassis and body parts made from lightweight materials including carbon fiber, aluminium and titanium. The Apollo IE will be sold in United States for a sticker price of 2,67 million dollars or 2.3 million euros in the European Market.

Apollo IE

Exterior Design of the Apollo IE

The exterior design of the Apollo IE is atm the most unique and organic formed hypercar,  based on insects, airflow of nature, predators in the animal kingdom surrounding us everywhere.

With unique dynamic shape, progressive style and sharp edges on every hand-made body parts, completing the form for this masterpiece designed vehicle giving maximum efficiency and airflow all over the shell.

Apollo Automobile collect one of the best designers in the automotive industry to create a hypercar not only to have the most exciting look but also the best aerodynamic and downforce so far.

Apollo IE

Not only the clear carbon it will catch your eye’s, but the aggression of the front face with huge rounded LED DRL (Daytime Running Lights) with BI-LED headlights berried inside.

The side dynamic profile, huge rear wing and massive fully carbon fiber spoiler connected on a top mounted fin moving towards the rear section of the vehicle, in addition for downforce in over 1350 kg.

Aerodynamics with the most unusual presence, double aerodynamic side sill fins to improve cooling efficiency, driver and passenger are protected in case of roll-over with an optional full roll-cage.

Apollo IE

Apollo IE Interior Design

When you open the Apollo IE gull-wing doors, there is a unique design presence inside the cabin no other vehicle has seen so far. The cabin is basically fully carbon, like the exterior and chassis design with the delicate cocoon style magma red interior, evolved and inspired by the first generation Apollo.

Surrounding the racing seats, one of the best visual style is they are illuminating the same Magma Red color with a LED ambient light, which gives the most aggressive energy and adrenaline in the interior cabin.

Apollo IE

Continuing with the specific form and shapes when you sit on the racing seat the Apollo IE has the most unique multi functional steering wheel form, all the buttons are fitted in the steering wheel there, even the gears are supporting by the F1 shifter behind.

Main high-resolution 12-inch LED display dashboard, illuminating the same Magma Red color showing the RPM’s, speed, gears, temperature and all the driver’s information, but on the side of the central dashboard there are two more screen’s one of each side they are actually display’s for the cameras built inside the side mirrors.

There is also a secondary 5-inch touch display mounted on the roof, which includes controls for Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Windshield defrost and the LED ambient light inside the cabin.

Apollo IE

Specification and Performance of the Apollo IE

The Apollo IE is one of the superleggeras hypercars that offers the most Aerodynamic downforce in the segment like the ones in F1, of total 1350 kg at 300 km/h or 45,5 % or 600 kg on the front and 55,5 % at the rear with 750 kg downforce thanks to its unique body shell with loads of openings and the huge spoiler design.

In addition to achieve such a downforce, the Apollo IE has High-efficiency “spoon rear wing” with twin elements adjustable flap with of 8 degree, connected through a carbon fiber air-scoop and double aerodynamic side sill fins to improve cooling efficiency.

The Apollo IE powertrain is powered by a clean naturally aspirated V12 engine with 6300 cc and a max power of 750 HP with 780 nm on 8500 rpm. With outstanding aerodynamics the maximum performance of the car is 335 km/h with acceleration of only 2.7 seconds from 0-100 km/h.

Apollo IE

Powered by an automatic gearbox with three engine maps the Apollo IE shares racing capability’s like the rest hypercar in the segment, Wet, Sport or Track the selected option are shown on the central dashboard.

Front and Rear wheels and tires come as standard with Michelin Sport Cup 2, the front are the smaller one 265/35/ R20 and the rear one the bigger one are with the same Forged Aluminium BBS Rims 325/30 R21.

Front and Rear Brembo Carbo-Ceramic 380mm disks with 6 piston calipers on the front and 4 pistons calipers on the rear brakes.

Suspension control system comes with rear adjustable anti-roll bar and Bilstein dampers on the front with three mode adjustable settings by the driver, Comfort, Sport or Auto.

Apollo IE

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