Bosch and Daimler work on Web Based Wireless Vehicle Control!

The Future for the AI Vehicle Technology is closer to Perfection

Wireless vehicle 

Bosch and Daimler work together on a project to develop a fully automated or driverless driving system (wireless vehicle control). The two companies have agreed to launch a development partnership that aims to create a system for a fully autonomous (SAE-Level 4) vehicle by the beginning of the next decade, without a driver (SAE Level 5), which will be an active transport line in the city streets worldwide.

The wireless vehicle control aim is to fully develop the software and its algorithms for the driverless driving system. The project will utilize the comprehensive expertise of Daimler and combine it with the knowledge or basically the software of the system and the hardware of Bosch, the world’s leading supplier for automotive products.

The future product for this project of their partnership is a synergy aimed at making this technology ready for production as soon as possible.

Wireless vehicle

The vehicle comes to its driver or its passenger – wireless vehicle control

This promoting fully autonomous system for mostly city drive usage, Bosch and Daimler are attending to improve a better transition in the heavy city traffic, increasing the safety of the drivers and passengers  as well the other vehicles in the traffic, increase the whole road safety in addition to reduce the unpleasant accidents in the future.

Among other things, this wireless vehicle control technology will increase the actual usage the vehicle for the needs. It will actually allow people to optimise and decrease the time spend in the car, in addition will allow those without a driver’s license to be mobile.

The main objective of this project is to design a drive system, ready to produce vehicles that will be able to fully autonomously to self drive from one city to another or state. The actual idea is that the vehicle should reach the driver’s spot, not the other way around.

People will be able to order a car or an autonomous city taxi that comes to them with their smart phone and drive them to the desirable destination.

Competition in the Automotive Software Technology is something where future safety relay on, like the Nissan IMX (Intelligent Mobility) or Advanced Urban Vehicle Technology and lot more who want to complete the whole software and make it 100% reliable for both drivers and pedestrians.