Fiat 500e – Italian All-Electric style with decent comfort

Italians launched their newest Abarth model the Fiat 500e the all-electric coupe!

Fiat 500e

This particular EV model of the Fiat 500e was introduced in the Los Angeles Auto Show back in 2012. This model is only available for the US market, from Fiat mention that it will be sold worldwide in less than a year. 

Design of the Fiat 500e

This 2 door retro abarth style was designed and based on the Fiat 500 Elettra platform, and it’s surprisingly comfy inside but only in the front seat and the cabin is made for approximately 4 adults, with small amount of knee room and a bit lower top for the taller people of the back seat.

The exterior design of the Fiat 500e its unique in the EV class and separates from all others futuristic designs vehicles, with his own retro style and middle class quality materials.

Few changes are made from the previous model of the 500e, comes as standard with the rear spoiler, front headlights goes with bi-functional halogen projector headlamps and daytime running lamps which is not like their competitors from the same class with LED or Bi-Xenon headlights that illuminate more light output and spend less energy.

In addition will prolong the drive range a lot more, the tail light are also halogen, electrical sunroof is available, and the heated power exterior mirrors that come standard on the 2017 Fiat 500e are designed to help reduce the vehicle’s drag coefficient with the specially designed mirror caps.

Fiat 500e

 The interior cabin of the Fiat 500e is classical Italian style made from fine materials and high quality leather seats, although like a passenger the fun is behind the wheel of the Fiat 500e, it’s surprisingly quick off the line and it has very quiet ride, offer surprisingly sharpness in turns, sporty feel, especially for an electric car.

Fiat 500e

Interior Equipment of the Fiat 500e

The Fiat 500e is offered in just one trim level, featuring leatherette trim, heated front seat only, hill start assist, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Automatic Climate Control, Cruise Control, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, a 6-speaker Alpine stereo,5-inch full-color touchscreen Uconnect with navi system build in, and charging indicators located on the dash that will provide you that classy look of the battery level.

Fiat 500e

Specification of the Fiat 500e

The single-speed electronic gearbox detect the output power of the electric drive like all others EV’s it will provide you the best comfort in driving no matter the situation you are in, in heavy traffic, country road, hill or highway.

In term of specs the Fiat 500e powertrain is 100% electrical and comes with lithium-ion battery pack, unlikely from its competitors of the same class it has a bit smaller battery pack of 24 kWh which will provide less driving range. The electric motor has an output power of 83 kw or 111 hp with 200 nm of torque, good for an urban city drive.

The Fiat 500e comes with safety features like all others EV there on the market it has, Electronic Stability Control, Audible Pedestrian Warning System that uses distinctive sounds to help ensure the safety and security of other road users, 7 airbags and 4 years covered limited warranty for the electric component and the electrical motor, 8 years for the lithium-ion battery pack.

Direct competitors for this specific model of the same class is the Japanese Mitsubishi i-MiEV, French Renault Zoe, German VW e-up! and others in the segment.