Fiat launched their first pickup in history the Fullback!

Fiat launched their first pickup in history – The Fullback!

In the past couple of years the new Fiat models struggle to take place from its competitors and finally they are on the road. The current year was very contentious. The Roadster 124 Spider set off to conquer America, and the new Tipo with all three body versions successfully filled the hole in the C segment. The Turin offensive continues on a whole new terrain and for the first time in Fiat’s offer, a classic pick up was found. But the Italians did not throw their heads off.

They have opted for an easier, verified route, and in 2014 agreed with Mitsubishi. Last year, the Japanese introduced the fifth generation of the L200, and now Fiat’s version called Fullback.With well proven mechanics and recognizable shapes, the Italians have put a whole new face, lights, shapes and some detail in the interior as well as access to markets Europe,Africa, Middle East. The car that was primarily designed as a work tool, under the shelter of Fiat, was turned into a beast of escape into nature. Pick up for the leisure time in which we will use the toolbox instead of tool and construction material to see surfboards, skis , motorbikes.


Two cabin designs are offered, and the two-door and four-seater version is shorter only one centimeter, but has a 33 cm long backpack. The rotary switch located behind the shift lever can turn off the front drive, but also block the center differential and turn on the reduction when the game becomes serious.

The interior highlights the full functionality of the vehicle, providing the comfort and elegance of  leading SUVs. More precisely, the interior has been developed through two levels of equipment: the first is the basic, yet at the same time, the functional instrument panel have a car radio with CD and MP3 player,  Bluetooth device and comfortable leather seats.

The maximum height of all versions of the Fullback vehicle is 1780 mm and widths up to 1815 mm with a 3000 mm wheelbase. The length depends on the configuration: 5275 mm for models with extended cab and 5285 mm for models equipped with a double cab. The length of the loading space varies: 1850 mm for models with extended cab and 1520 mm for those with double cab. The useful load is over one ton and the pulling weight is three tons.


The second offers an attractive line of carefully designed details and finishing with a two-colored, gray-colored instrument panel and leather and seat covers, the perfect fit for professional needs with those looking for comfort and driving pleasure.The Fullback engine, comes with a 2.4-liter turbocharged two-power engine: 150 hp and 380 Nm, and 180 hp and 430 Nm.

The engine is equipped with an aluminum head of low weight engine and turbocharger with variable geometry and a refrigerator that guarantees maximum efficiency. It is also equipped with two types of gearboxes: manual with six or automatic with five speeds.

Fullback is available in 4×2 version with rear-wheel drive and 4×4 with four-wheel drive. It is undoubtedly the most suitable for those whose jobs include areas far beyond paved roads or those who have to try challenging off-road driving. All versions of the 4×4 are supplied with an electronic selector that enables them to turn on four-wheel drive in “partial” or “full” mode. Fullback made to deal with each and every one of the most challenging tasks, is equipped with a high load and extraordinary strength thanks to its frame structure on the vehicle.