Geneva 2018: Audi e-Tron Quattro

Audi unveils the concept design of their first ever All-Electric SUV


Audi unveils the prototype design for their first ever all-electric Sport Utility Vehicle the e-Tron, along side with the All-New A6 they hit the Jaguar I-Pace a punch in the Electric SUV category, Audi made this concept to challenge some of its European car manufacturers and be a serious competitor in the Electric segment.

Introduction of the Audi e-Tron

For the first time the German Car Manufacturer gain interest in the Electric category. Yes the four rings did appear on a full electric concept SUV by Audi in Geneva 2018. This specially camouflaged prototype, conceals a sporty premium SUV with space for five people along with plenty of luggage. The space and comfort are similar to that of a typical Audi luxury SUV class or more likely with a dimension of a Q5.


Sporty line with huge front faced grille with Matrix Led Headlights, sharp edges with back OLED Taillights that flawlessly fulfill the whole back of the car. We probably would expect this familiar design in the near feature for most of their vehicles.

The e-Tron Quattro is a four-wheel drive SUV that gain power by an electric motor, in addition from the other electric-powered vehicles the e-Tron has constant torque to all four-wheels. The range on the e-Tron is suitable for longer journeys and the comprehensive charging options allow customers to drive purely electrically without making compromises.

The production version of the Audi e-tron prototype can fill up on electricity at fast charging stations with up to 150 kW charging capacity, in just under 30 minutes, the vehicle is then ready for the next long-distance journey.


Like they said the e-Tron was tested in all kind of road condition and weathers in four continents, in extremely hot, rainy weather, extreme cold the e-Tron takes it all. Audi is testing the pre-series vehicles for customer focused operation in all climate zones ranging from below -20 to above +50 degrees Celsius (-4° to +122° F).

In addition, intensive hard tests of the charging technology are being conducted worldwide – an important safeguarding criterion for battery in the electric models. The individual charging standards are tested on proving grounds and in public areas to validate the full range of different charging options.

In total, just under 250 Audi e-tron prototypes are used in the tests. They will cover more than five million kilometers (3,106,856 mi) – roughly equivalent to 125 times around the earth and 85,000 hours on the road.


Interior of the e-Tron has a recognizable styled full LED dashboard with big sized digital cluster behind the wheel and touch info system in the central of the cockpit as well touched display for operating the temperature in both seats and cabin. Multifunctional steering wheel to operate the features that will be offered in the e-Tron like the drive mode, suspension, etc..

We expect a huge amount of technology and features in the e-Tron yet to come, the vehicle will start production has started and the e-Tron will be launched in the European market at the end of 2018. 

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