The New VW Polo GTI is on the streets!

The new VW Polo could get a rough R version of 300 hp!


Ralf Kölling from VW said that the prototype of the powerful Polo was already developed and is currently analyzing the future  production. Considering the fact that the 300 hp of the smaller class hatch could endanger the bigger and legendary VW Golf.

The past generation of the VW Polo had a special R WRC version of 220 hp, which was produced in a limited number of specimens (2500) for the success of the rally race. Volkswagen was withdrawn from the rally in the meantime, but with the arrival of the new generation of Polo that started last week in our market, speculation has emerged to find the R version with GTI.

Ralf Kölling, who is in charge of the German car manufacturer’s small car , said: “At the GTI version, the 2.0-liter turbo engine from Golf already exists and there is certainly room for further improvements.”

He said that the powerful prototype of the New Polo was already assembled and that project is currently being analyzed, after which a final decision will be made. They mention the power of about 300 hp and 4Motion drive on all wheels. Some still consider how this model would jeopardize the greater Golf.

However, in the VW they announced the expansion of the “R” version of their models, so the so-called urban SUV T-Roc will also get a sports R variant that is already heavily tested on German roads and will be on the market next year. Time will show whether the top people of Volkswagen give green light for the Polo R .