Here’s why it’s not good to drive with less than a half full – Fuel Tank!

One of the things you should avoid while driving in a low-fuel tank!

The fuel tank should never be empty more than half of its capacity, by having more than half a full fuel tank you prolong the life of the engine.
This comes from the fact that in most of the cases ,water is condensed due to the difference in temperature.

Regardless of whether it’s a Gasoline or a Diesel engine, the damage and the consequences are the same.


The water inside the fuel is one of the biggest enemies for your engine, because it causes premature corrosion of the injection composition, and therefore problems in the engine’s operation. It is particularly dangerous in those periods of the year when the weather drastically changes, when the night temperatures are very low, and the daily can blow up and make a spill. This is especially true for larger fuel tank.


If you are analyzing newer or older vehicles in relation to this topic, the owners of older vehicles should be more careful, because the tanks are made of sheet metal, in contrast to the newer ones that are plastic. The sheet is corroded, and in this way emits the ingredients that mix with the fuel. This lead to malfunction and fail of the fuel pump system of an internal combustion engine .

This phenomenon among mechanics is well-known as “student syndrome”, because students or younger drivers often drive their cars  with almost-empty fuel tank ,because of less financial possibilities. And, the same problem can be experienced by vehicles that only drive seasonally.