How to avoid fraud of buying a used car?

There are many fraudulent options used by irresponsible individuals to make money easier.

used car

Used car are actually more expensive and require more maintenance and repairs, so this is an ideal opportunity for those who want to fraud someone else. The global crisis and the collapse of the standard worldwide is the reason for such situations, which are not pleasant.

Therefore, we list the most common types of frauds so you can be better prepare and prevent them. You need to be aware from the fraudster. If you are damaged, you need to know what to do in such situations.

Precautions of buying a used car


  • Car crash – A common case when buying used car.
    Although it may look good, and yet it is not at all, the car is worth much less. Therefore, when buying a used car, the color is the best indicator of it, and most importantly the car has a factory color – this is the simplest proof that there was no serious car collision ever.


  • Returned Mileage – Diesel and Petrol cars suffer this term of abuse.
    Many people sell their car when repair costs will increase. You can protect yourself if you buy from a trusted salesman or firm, and of course if you take a look at the engine, under-body and other parts.


  • Non-original parts – Traps of unauthorized service.
    All the time fraudsters are replacing non – OEM parts into all the cars that missing the peace and they sell the vehicle because it’s the cheapest and more profitable variant for them and usually they getting non branded parts,which reduce the power and reliability of the car. 


  • Using cheap engine oil – Very dangerous in turbocharged engines.
    Mineral, rather than synthetic. It is the worst fraud, but it can be proven by chemical analysis. This type of engine oil can cause damage to the vital parts of the engine.


  • Passing the maintenance period – Without changing the part that needs to be changed.
    The irresponsible service providers are “changing”of course they are not changing the filters, and the same can cause damage to the engine, because the air flow is aggravated by impurities. It’s good to see the filters before servicing and after servicing. So you will notice whether they have really been altered or cleaned up.