How to install snow chains on your car?

It’s almost unthinkable to drive a car without snow chains, but whether they are properly installed !


These tire snow chains are especially important to us when winter comes, or where the road is not sufficiently flattened. Usually, with the purchase of the chains, there is an instruction for how to install them on our tires, but we do not always read these guidelines and we think we know how to do it ourselves.

Precaution of driving the car without snow chains when need it

So here are some basic tips on how to do it in the safest way:

  • Before you buy the snow chains, inspect the dimensions of your tires.
  • Once you have buy them , it is necessary to set them up a few times by yourself to gain a further experience.
  • Before installing the chains, pull up the hand brake (emergency brake ).
  • Stretch the chains in front of the tires.
  • Pull the chains on the inside of the tires, so that the middle of the rubber ring of the chains come in the middle of the tires, and pull the remaining chains into the ground to the front of the tires.
  • Lift the left and right side of the rubber hoop and fasten them to the top of the tire.
  • Take the side chains, then connect them in a circle and check that all are well tightened and placed.
  • Once you have set up the chains, test drive your vehicle for a few meters to make sure they are well placed and secured.
  • When driving your vehicle with your chains on, do not exceed a speed of 50km / h. 
  • After couple of kilometers, stop the vehicle from time to time and make sure everything is right with them.
  • When you arrive on a road that does not have snow, make sure to remove the chains.


Besides the snow chains, you can use tire socks, and those covers are applied to tires of transporting vehicles, larger SUV’s and lighter wagons, and their advantage is that they are easier to install and require minimal space.