How to drive in present of fog!

Drive safely to your desired destination!

Snow, icy road, glaze, also reduced visibility due to heavy foggy conditions are the reasons that make it difficult for normal traffic to take place, both in urban areas and on country or highway roads that are traced along river beds, valleys, valleys and mountain passes.

The appearance of fog is characterized by reduced visibility of the road, which reduces the orientation in the space, the driver has a wrong estimate of the distance with the other vehicles, and because of the wet air in the atmosphere, the contact with the tires and the road surface is poor.

The visibility of the road, on the other hand, is conditioned by the density of the mist, the blurring of the windscreen as well the blinded from its own light rays from its own vehicle and vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

These weather conditions require special care and precautions for the drivers and adjustment of the driving speed.


For your own safety we advice you to drive carefully and :

  • Always use your low beams and fog lights (if the fog is dense and the visibility is less than 100 meters) and, if necessary, turn on the hazard lights and finally, if the visibility is very low, use the car’s horn and open it window so you can listen to other vehicles.
  • Adjust the driving speed for the low visibility of the road means that you need to drive at a speed that will allow you to stop before any obstacle you see.
  • Always keep a safe distance.
  • Always drive close to the right edge of the road.
  • Never park on the road, especially in fog conditions.
  • Avoid overtaking and stopping on the open road.
  • If stopping is necessary, set appropriate signaling to mark the vehicle. And set the warning sign at a larger distance from what you would set in normal conditions.
  • If you are involved in a traffic accident in conditions of dense fog, and without including the fog lamps, this may affect your ability to take advantage of your vehicle insurance rights.
  • If there are very dangerous and unsafe driving conditions , simply stop your vehicle and cancel the trip or rest and wait for more appropriate driving and better weather condition.