Instaling the LPG device in your vehicle will damage the Engine?

Yes, in some cases, the LPG device in your car can be dangerous for certain parts of the engine, and most often the valves suffer 

Driving on LPG is more popular for decreasing the cost of your pocket for its lower price but the engines that are factory-fitted for this type of fuel are best served than the other that you will likely to install by your self are the one that suffer the most that aren’t suitable for that particular type of fuel.

As an example, the Opel Astra 1.4T version has an engine that is factory-fitted for a LPG installation, they made the valves stronger so it can take the substance of the gas.

This is necessary because the gas supply does not have a cooling function for the valves, making ordinary valves and their “seats” vulnerable to damage.

When the engine is already ”forced” to work with excess or more than necessary oxygen, it is inevitable to install a quality device with adjustable parameters depending on the unit itself and the valve position, which will inject the engine oil of the additional cooling valves. It is also necessary to adjust the distance of the valves every 20,000 kilometers.

Before installing a LPG device in your vehicle, consider seriously the consequences mention above, for repair costs not to equalize with the savings of the gas station. Risks are the reduced drastic if you buy quality equipment with an appropriate cooling system for the valves.

Our advice is to do not risk to install a cheap or inadequate equipment, because if you change valves – driving on a LPG will cost you a lot more than the savings for the fuel.