The New Kia Ceed 2018

The New Kia Ceed presented in Geneva 2018

Kia Ceed

The third generation of this family hatchback was presented n Geneva Motor Show in 2018, made under the design and development in Europe it is a high competitor and a direct rival in the same segment as the WV Golf, Ford Focus and the Opel Astra. This third generation of Kia is renamed from Cee’d to Ceed, with a newer Petrol engine and a Diesel which we saw in 2017.

Whats new in the Kia Ceed outside?

The new Kia Ceed is a little wider, bigger and lower than the previous model, and overall it has a sportier look than before. Totally new design of the front “Tiger Nose” or the front grille which has a fine detailed glossy dark chrome, front headlights are now in a horizontal shape where in the previous model they where more stretch vertical, as standard the new Kia Ceed come with LED DRL and as an optional there will be BiLED headlights for an upgrade.

Kia Ceed

As standard the Kia Ceed comes with 15 inch steel wheels, and as an option there is 16 and more sportier 17 inch alloy wheels for better handling. Chrome trim material on the whole glass edge, with separated 2 lines from the top of the door to the bottom, in curved shape.

The back of the vehicle is changed from scratch, the tail lights are changed in the horizontal shape as the front headlights, they are fully LED coming as standard for better safety and driving in every weather condition, with sporty signature on the back Kia made this new Ceed with a new chassis (K2) which provides sportier driving experience.

Whats new in the Kia Ceed inside?

The doors on the Kia Ceed are equipped with key-less system, very familiar design in the interior cabin, it looks like Kia took few figures from their most powerful vehicle the Kia Stinger with all new design of the sporty multifunctional steering wheel with aluminium finish on the bottom.

Comfortable seats with fabric as standard, there are few more option to choose from in the different trim levels and colors. Aluminium side finish on the vents, big touchscreen in the central dashboard with physical buttons below the touchscreen for the dual climate control, radio and driving assistance.

Overall the new Kia Ceed is bigger than the other European competitors in its class the cabin is quite big thanks to the lower driving position, there‚Äôs more headroom in the front, and the rear-seat passengers have more shoulder room, too, and the 395-litre luggage space which is actually bigger than the VW Golf.

Kia Ceed

Engines and Technical Specifications 

The Kia Ceed has been approved to have newer, cleaner and better engine than before, starting from the 1.0 liter Turbocharged Petrol Engine with 120 hp, the newer engine 1.4 liter T-GDI Turbocharged Petrol Engine with 138 hp, replacing the older 1.6. They said they would keep the standard 1.4 MPI the naturally aspirated petrol engine with 100 hp.

Diesel engines will be available too for those who goes for more driving distance, Kia offer two available Diesel engines. Both of them are 1.6 liter Turbocharged Diesel Engines one of them got 115 hp output and the other 134 hp. The both variety of engines shares specs of transmission the six-speed manual gearbox but there would be an option for an automatic seven-speed dual clutch transmission only in the two more powerful petrol engines equipped with turbocharging device.

Thanks to the Driving Mode select feature the driver can adjust the driving and response of the engine, with easier manoeuvering and driving in Normal mode for better fuel consumption, and driving in Sport Mode will have faster acceleration, sharper and harder steering.

Kia Ceed Technology and Safety Features

For the first time Kia has Lane Following Assist system, which can perform a few functions at up to 143 km/h, follow lane markings on the highway, control the brakes, steering and accelerator to keep up even in the heavy traffic, bluetooth connection with smartphones, keyless entry as standard and heated front windscreen as optional choice.

For those who want to build up their new Kia Ceed a little more they can choose an adaptive cruise control, parking assist, blind spot warning and pedestrian recognition for the Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist system. And full LED automatic Headlights and Taillights for better visibility and safety in every weather conditions.

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