Kia K9 – Kia’s Largest Luxury Sedan (Second Generation)

Kia K9

Known as Kia’s flagship, the Kia K9 or K900 brings better performance, comfort, style and technology more than any other Kia model, all in one piece. Designed by a combination of sportiness and luxury, from a Korean and U.S designers studios.

Exterior Design of the Kia K9

This second generation of the Kia K9 has longer body than its predecessor, imbued with 176 jewel-like glossy cells, their most attractive detail the “Tiger Nose” grille create a ripple effect which symbolizes the presence of the Kia K9 from distance. The style is introduced with the split LED DRL on the both sides with adaptive BiLED beam, long bold body with lot of technology and ultrasonic sensors in the body shell of the vehicle.

Kia K9

Like the front face of the Kia K9 which designers made this luxury Korean (S-Class) sedan the top flagship are the details. With a lot of chrome designed details starting from the specially designed chrome air-inlets on the front, the standard 19-inch alloy wheels which are finished in chrome, the lower and the upper side section of the Kia K9 is also plated in chrome, finishing with the chrome Kia’s signature, the duplex LED tail lights and dual exhaust pipes on the back of the vehicle.

Kia K9

Interior Design of the Kia K9

The large and spacious cabin of the Kia K9 has a floating 12.3 inch infotainment touch LED display on the centerpiece of the dashboard. Leather upholstery which comes as standard and with an option for an upgrade with a higher quality Nappa leather with different variety of colors, like the Beige, Black, Espresso Brown and even dual-tone Sienna Brown that has magnificent effect over the wood trim detail inside.

Kia K9

Like the exterior of the Kia K9 the interior has nearly every bit of detail plated with chrome, even in the middle of the vents of the central dash is positioned an analog watch, the standard luxury detail in the German Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan. Ambient lighting with system with 64 different color option to choose from, 17 speaker Harman Kardon or Lexicon audio system are available as an option.

As an option there are ventilated seats with 12 and 14 way adjustability available with multi-zone climate that allow the rear passengers to manually adjust the right temperature for their needs.

The Kia UVO info system comes as standard with satellite navigation system and their newest UVO app software that allows the owners of the Kia K9 for a fully remotely start of the vehicle, change the temperature, and locate their car from a help of a smart phone device.

Kia K9

Wireless charging is also available, head-up display feature and a 360 degree surround view monitor. Instead of the traditional and classic gauge cluster, the Kia K9 features a 12.3-inch customizable display as standard but with an optional 9.7-inch head-up display screen to complete the whole tech.

Technology and Safety Features of the Kia K9

The Kia K9 has the latest safety features and technology like the rest of the luxury sedans in the same segment. A full suite of always active driver assistance features, lane keeping assist, automatic emergency breaking, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection system, adaptive cruise control and driver attention warning.

Rear automatic emergency brake, follow assist and safe exit assist which is a new feature for the first time for Kia. The 360 degree camera view system is available for this second generation Kia K9 model, like the car’s blind spot warning system which now it has been enhanced with monitor that give you option not only to have a sound warning but both sound and view on the display.

Kia K9

Specifications and Driving Modes of the Kia K9

The Kia K9 as standard is offered with the same 3.3 liter Twin-Turbocharged V6 Petrol Engine like their sportier model the Kia Stinger, with 365 hp and 510 nm of torque with an All-Wheel Drive technology and paired with the latest second-generation eight-speed automatic transmission.

The All-Wheel Drive technology comes with torque vectoring as standard for this second generation Kia K9 model.It can send 50-50 percent drive torque to the front wheels of the Kia K9 in the Normal Mode (Standard Mode), While in Sport Mode the  system is rear based or the torque is delivered to the rear wheels or 80 percent.

While the other option or the more powerful engine for the Kia K9 is the largest 5.0 liter V8 Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine which can produce 420 hp and unlikely the predecessor this particular engine will no longer be offered with rear wheel drive.