Lexus LF-1 Limitless

A limitless luxury crossover is the Lexus LF-1 

Lexus LF-1

Today every vehicle has its technology and some drivetrain to choose from, but the new crossover from the luxury car manufacturer Lexus has combine the technology and drivetrain to its maximized expression. Not just an autonomous drive or the Artificial intelligent was a challenge, they would combine them both and input a lot more.

The exterior design of the Lexus LF-1

This modern crossover has a lower body in addition of the aerodynamic of the vehicle and more progressive feel and drive, with a recognizable L shape fully organic LED or OLED adaptive headlights, with a huge chrome grille, with glossy black color, and two sharp edges on the hood that blends together with the front face of the Lexus LF-1.

Lexus LF-1

The Lexus LF-1 concept has attractive side and rear signature with fully operative panorama roof. Overall sharp and saddle  muscular look, maintaining low center of gravity, 22 inch alloy wheels and Lexus trademark iconic shape can be seen from the front till the back, where the beautiful OLED back and tail light come together as one.

When the driver approach the vehicle, there are sensors and cameras inside the body shell that will detect the owner of the vehicle and automatically like a regard the vehicle front and rear OLED light and the turning signal OLED lights are lighting up, and they will increase their brightness over short period of time.

Lexus LF-1

Interior look of the Lexus LF-1

Luxury and comfort are two spots that are lined up together as one, like the all luxury vehicles in the same segment his direct competitor the Bentley Bentayga have only four seats for providing maximum comfort for the rear passengers. 

Inside elements are combined with not only hepatic touch, but air gestures too. For example when you enter the vehicle you can do it by a push of a button and if you want to ether open or close the window beside you, you can do it by only swiping the hand up or down.

Meticulous craftsmanship and the extensive use of high quality materials, provide a unique luxurious look and feel in both seats and the overall interior design.

Lexus LF-1

What Features and Technology will have?

So far as we know the Lexus LF-1 as a concept vehicle, will be available with fully Artificial Intelligent System, Autonomous Drive, Lane Assist, Collision Warning, Sign Recognition, Hill Assist, 4D view, Park Assist, Adaptive Bi-OLED Headlights, Dual camera system on the both sides.

Instead of implementing side mirrors there would be High Definition Display on both sides inside the interior for maximum visibility and clear view of the object approaching, or passing near by and a lot more Technology and Features to build in the near future.

Lexus LF-1

Specifications of the Lexus LF-1

The Lexus LF-1 comes with Adaptive Air Suspension with Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management System, Navigation System, Support Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto, Visual Data from the environment, (sync roads, weather, terrain etc). 

The vehicle AI system allow to fully adapt the driving style of the driver itself, the LF-1 has also a miniaturized Super-Computer with links and navigation data, radars, sensors autonomous drive, cameras. With 360 degree view of your surroundings with predictive warnings and capabilities.

 Lexus LF-1 Powersource and Drivetrain

Limitless possibilities of the Lexus LF-1 Limitless, no matter if you want this beautiful crossover to be ether with a Gasoline Engine(Natural Aspirated or Turbocharged), Hybrid, Plug-In-Hybrid, Fuel-Cell System, or even Fully Electric Powertrain, like they say limitless possibilities. The serial production model will be available further on in 2018, and till 2025 every Lexus model will have ether Fully electric or Hybrid powertrain.