Mazda revealed the KAI 6 Vision S Concept and the new 3!

Mazda revealed the KAI 6 Vision S Concept and the new 3 hatchback!

Mazda 6 vision

Mazda 6 Vision

From Tokyo, Japan Mazda revealed the KAI concept the 6 Sport Vision was one of the greatest attraction of Tokyo Motor Sport 2017 the Vision Concept his stunning look and that sport design for a saloon with 4 doors, make the Mazda 6 Vision one of the favorite cars at the show.

Mazda 6 vision

We found out that this Mazda 6 Vision KAI Concept will be the next punch of the future production series for the 6 Saloon and the Coupe, will be one of the best sport looking car in its class.

Not only that it looks great from the outside but the interior of the car it’s just as lovely, the luxurious dash design, sporty leather seats and the cockpit design by the KAI with large console between the front passenger and the driver.

Mazda 6 vision

It’s not just the look of this Mazda KODO Concept design but it’s brand new SkyActiv architecture for their future generation Mazda 6 Vision SkyActiv-X (Spark Controlled Compression Ignition) it will generate a fireball with spark plug ment for the petrol engines, meant that not only the performance of the engine but the drive will be smoother and comfortable even 30 % more fuel economy similar to a diesel.