Geneva 2018: The All-New Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The Fourth-Generation A-Class crushing competitors in the C-Segment


The German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz designed a C-Segment Compact Vehicle with tremendous amount of luxury components with a brand new engine and transmission. With a new front face, rear and side shape.

Design of the new Mercedes Benz A-Class

Yes it looks like a Mercedes Benz A-Class in the overall look, but the front face is changed drastically. From the hood to the bottom of the air-inlets this new A-Class is more like the New Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018 with same type of LED headlights, the Mercedes-Benz recognizable Star in the middle of the beautiful Diamond-Grille, which will be only available in the AMG version. In addition from this front design, it brings this bigger bonnet, a wider face.


It’s not just the front face that makes the Mercedes Benz A-Class better from its previous model, but the side of the vehicle has changed as well, with a more muscular and sportier shape and the back details, has a different story. The new LED tail-lights of the new A-Class give the rear a wider appearance, accentuating its dynamic driving capabilities and the overall perspective.

Interior Design of the Mercedes Benz A-Class

Where it comes to interior, the new A-Class has a beautiful and luxury cabin. The overall interior is made from brushed aluminium like the, fine wood or perforated leather. High-quality, robust, light-weight and sustainable materials.

The inside gear and gadgets for the new A-Class starts from the optional Multi-contour seats that brings maximum comfort with a fine genuine leather on the sides and with an optional climate control for the same like heating and cooling, genuine leather central console, side door panels made from leather and brushed aluminium as well the whole front digital dashboard with a big touchscreen info system, aluminium finished air-vents as well a Multifunctional steering wheel that is  a mixture of leather and aluminium.


There is four optional interior style to choose from in the A-Class.

  • Style : upholstery in Neva white/black textile.
  • Progressive : genuine leather interior with brown / black fine wood trim elements;
  • AMG line :  upholstery in ARTICO/microfiber artificial leather with exclusive red double stitching.
  • AMG Leather : upholstery in classic red/black with optional sport leather AMG seats.

Built in Technology for the A-Class

The one big step for New Mercedes-Benz A-Class is Mercedes Me tech that can be operated by the huge and wide touch info HD LED display. Mercedes Me is digital connection portal that connect the driver with the Mercedes digital world. The application is used for Manage vehicle data and viewing vehicle data, connection to whole Mercedes services worldwide, Digital service report and individual advice and info about the car itself.

Mercedes Me can be operated by your smart phone, in the new A-Class without touching it. It will connect via Bluetooth and NFC. So you can gain access in the software apps using touch control buttons on the steering wheel, or your touchpad located on the central console near the armrest, and the third option to use the function is from the  touchscreen by hand or by voice control.


This new A-Class has a ton of safety security features and technology one of them is, an optional new Multibeam Led Headlights which adapt the visibility situation in milliseconds, Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive with Active Assist Brake and Car-To-X Communication system. 

Specifications and Drivetrain

The A-Class comes with all new range of engines, with an under-powered Petrol’s and a Diesel which we saw in the previous A-Class model. 

  • A200

Mercedes-Benz launched a brand new Turbocharged Petrol engine for the new A-Class, a 1.4 – liter with 161 hp and 250 nm of torque. The same engine comes in two variations of transmission, Six-Speed Manual and Seven-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission which can be an option to choose from. With a maximum speed of 225 km/h and from 0-100 in just 8 seconds which can be pretty satisfying for some people needs.

  • A250

A more powerful Turbocharged Petrol engine is available for the A-Class, a 2.0 – liter with 221 hp and 350 nm of torque. The same engine will be only available in a Seven-Speed DCT with a top speed of 250 km/h and from 0-100 in just 6.2 seconds.

  • A180d

Mercedes-Benz will keep the 1.5 – liter Turbocharged Diesel engine with 114 hp and 260 nm of torque. Both Six-Speed Manual Transmission and Seven-Speed DCT would be available for the Diesel version. The top speed for the Diesel stay to 200 km/ h with acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 10.5 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz announced two AMG versions for the new A-Class: A35 AMG with 300 hp and A45 AMG with 400 hp output power.

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