Mercedes-Benz DIGITAL LIGHT – The future of Lighting Technology

The Future of Lighting Technology – DIGITAL LIGHT

Digital Light

Lighting Technology came so far for the past decade, from the halogen lighting, xenon, led lighting even laser lighting came to vehicles to improve the security and comfort in night drive and every weather conditions, so Mercedes-Benz invent something that will improve the driving experience to a brand new level in the lighting industry called Digital Light.

Resolution of two million pixels of light – Digital Light

Mercedes-Benz has developing a future production of car lighting with a High Definition Headlights with output of two million pixels focused in the main beam. The revolutionary Digital Light headlamp technology shines with maximum performance and light output improving not just visibility of the road but projecting road sign’s of the road improving maximum safety of the road ahead.

This new High Definition Headlight has a newest chip that work with over one million micromirrors per Headlight or total of two million in both. The intelligent control logic required for the dynamic light functions was developed only by Mercedes-Benz itself.

Digital Light

Intelligent integrated system

The precision of this intelligent system gives countless possibilities to provide ideal, high-resolution light distribution which suits the surrounding conditions perfectly. There main factor for this specific behavior is not just the light module inside the headlamps nor the projectors but the digital intelligence that lay inside of the module, say’s a specialist from Mercedes-Benz, Gunter Fischer, Head of Exterior Body Development and Vehicle Operating Systems at Daimler AG.

Digital Light

Optimum vision with maximum brightness

Built with sophisticated technology that has intelligent chip with sensors, such as cameras or radar, detect other road users and powerful micro CPU evaluate the data as well as digital cards in milliseconds which give the headlamps such commands for adaptive the light distribution in all situations.

They say that the biggest innovation and success developing this lighting technology is to achieve optimum vision and maximum brightness without glare. The innovative functions for supporting the driver and staging communication with other road users significantly optimise safety when driving at night,” emphasises Gunter Fischer.

Digital Light

Special Functions of Mercedes Digital Light

Smart driving experience with DIGITAL LIGHT is not just improved lighting technology that gives maximum light output in this modern era of various lighting adaptive headlamps that other car manufacturers offer, it actually offer and support the driver in a targeted manner and critical situations such as driving through narrow road works, it will be possible to project light traces onto the road to replace missing road markings. Moreover, digital light systems can also beam messages like direction arrows or warnings onto the road.

Digital Light

It can symbols a zebra crossing for pedestrians on the road itself, the DIGITAL LIGHT delivers an important contributions towards traffic safety and modules on the road to accident-free and autonomous driving – as an integral component of the overall intelligent drive strategy. The future tech companion on the DIGITAL LIGHT will be the communication between vehicles with other road users in the future.

Digital Light

Many car manufacturers try to develop more sophisticated Lighting Technology like the Audi, BMW or even Opel with their new IntelliLux LED Matrix light technology but the Digital Light from Mercedes-Benz has brought the safety, enjoyment and style to a brand new class.

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