Mercedes Maybach Vision – Ultimate Electric Luxury SUV

Maybach Vision

Mercedes Maybach Vision is an ultimate luxury SUV combine sportiness and luxury to a whole new level. With a whole new architecture that is unique in the SUV lineup and combine comfort of a luxury sedan and the DNA of a ultra-modern SUV.

Introduction and Exterior Design of the Mercedes Maybach Vision

With a distinctive look and pure sophistication this Mercedes Maybach Vision is more than just an Sport Utility Vehicle. With pure electric engine and special sensuality this vehicle underscores the position, achieving success in the modern and traditional language of the Maybach Vision luxury class.

The Mercedes Maybach Vision is the highest level luxury SUV with space in both interior and boot, practicality and comfort to the top-level. Specially in the rear of the vehicle, with its elegant design and finest materials rise this Maybach Vision to a newest and modern luxury design.

Traditional craftsmanship with sharp edges gives majestic and balanced presence in both luxury and sporty style, while the front end of distinctive chrome plated huge radiator grille which was inspired and took from the latest model of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, that suit the new BiLED headlights which we saw in the concept of the Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Coupe.

Maybach Vision

Low profile LED headlights with three projector units alongside with the large air inlets, gives sportier look than any other SUV in the Mercedes lineup. The dynamic look has crossed the pattern where the continuous trim has split the bonnet across the roof through the rear end of the vehicle. 

Unlike the conventional saloon vehicle in the luxury segment this Mercedes Maybach Vision offer a significant higher seat positioning not just to increase the security of the driver but to gain smoother ride and comfort in both driver and passengers.

Interior Design of the Mercedes Maybach Vision

Maybach Vision

The interior style and craftsmanship has never been seen in a more modern design, futuristic and classy style. Lightness in the Mercedes Maybach Vision high amount of contrast and high level luxury materials meets the interior presence of this luxury SUV.

The main goal for the interior designers of the Mercedes Maybach Vision are to provide an echo of series for the production vehicles, while creating symbiosis of modern, elegance and sportiness giving an idea of what the next generation of the Ultra-Luxury Mercedes Maybach models will transporting passengers in the unexpected world of luxuriousness.

Maybach Vision

The Mercedes Maybach Vision is four seat SUV with one huge central console that start from the front dashboard spreading till the rear seats of the car. While leather with smooth and fine stitching plenty of space for every person inside to relax and enjoy the white leather that surround the whole cabin while traveling on those long journey’s.

White marble glossy steering wheel with two display’s on the front of the dash, huge chrome plated air-vent with ambient light with cinematic position seats on all four including the driver one.

Maybach Vision

The Mercedes Maybach Vision, use Mercedes latest infotainment system and user experience MBUX. With their latest software the Maybach Vision is programmed to adapt and play music with the mood inside the cabin. Knows the appointment calendar and planes the next schedule task or routes.

The familiar energizing comfort has been carried over from their best sold luxury sedan the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Whole software like the messages, fragrance, ambient light and media. The intuitive infotainment system can be individually programmed and adapt the for every world market.

Specification and Powertrain for the Mercedes Maybach Vision

The Ultimate Luxury Mercedes Maybach Vision is developed to be a fully electric SUV. With a powertrain of a four permanent magnet motors which are synchronized by the built-in software, they are fully variable depending of the driving situation with an integrated all-wheel drive system.

Every luxury vehicle has “decent” power output like the Bentley Bentayga or the Rolls Royce Cullinan the Mercedes Maybach Vision has express the electric powertrain with 750 hp and with big sized 80 kWh battery pack which is located under the floor, producing driving range of 500 km according to EPA tests.

Maybach Vision

Top speed is limited by 250 km/h the torque isn’t precised but according the power output it can reach to over a 1000 nm of torque. The Mercedes-Benz Maybach Vision comes with a fast charger with CCS standards, allows the system charging capacity up to 350 kW.

In less than five minutes the Maybach Vision with the fast charger can be charged and ready to drive for around 100 km.