Mercedes S-Class Maybach 2019 – Luxury with a Maximum Distinction!

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

Mercedes flagship with the newest technology, various types of engine’s and most luxuries design than ever before, the new Mercedes S-Class Maybach 2019 model.

It is the world’s top leading luxury sedan with highest majestic presence, separating from the rest of the crowd, it has been built to be the best among all others.

Exterior Design of the Mercedes S-Class Maybach

The leader in the automotive luxury industry, the new model of Mercedes S-Class Maybach 2019 instantly cuts a more elevated silhouette than ever before.

It has major exterior design changes with a bigger overall layout of 5461 mm and diameter of the wheelbase of 3378 mm. With this new dimensions the new Mercedes S-Class Maybach has extended the length by 250 mm, in addition to enable greater comfort.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

Visually the new Mercedes S-Class Maybach 2019 model, it has newly designed “diamond” chrome grille with vertical bars, which is inspired by a pinstripe suite that strikes a note of a great exclusivity, which is associated with their coupe luxury model the Mercedes Maybach 6 Convertible.

It comes with newly designed headlights that are specially implemented with their latest technology in the Automotive Lighting the Mercedes-Benz DIGITAL LIGHT the next generation and future in the Automotive Lighting industry. With three highly illuminated LED strips with one big “diamond” projector and other three small ones on the side.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

The side proportion of the new Mercedes S-Class Maybach has gain two-tone paint separating the roof line, including the hood and the rear hood with the lower parts of the body.

The poshest Mercedes S-Class Maybach has offer an option for those who can afford one of the four 20-inch alloy wheels sets, which are specially designed for the Maybach model, including a new multi-spoke one.

The new 2019 Mercedes S-Class Model as all other luxury vehicles has many details that enhance the visual appearance of the silhouette, like chrome plated trims, and bars, Maybach logos etc.

The back side of the refreshed Mercedes S-Class Maybach has two newly designed LED tail lights with star-dust effect together with two side iconic Maybach exhaust tips which are plated in chrome as well as the rest of the details.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

Interior Design of the new Mercedes S-Class Maybach

When you open one of the doors of the Mercedes S-Class Maybach you will be impressed of the luxury components and quality built your eye’s will catch. The exclusive Mercedes S-Class Maybach offer interior color combination for the personal preference for the buyers. 

The interior design of the seats has a nice texture of a  few color combination, a mix of the Armagnac Brown and Black or Savanna Beige and Black interior color. In addition, the black Nappa leather is optionally available with gold, copper or platinum stitching with the iconic Maybach emblem.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

The front interior section of the Mercedes S-Class Maybach is outstanding, a posh design with so many luxury details.  Fine stitching with perforated leather, separated by a multiply layered materials on the dash with dual-tone configuration.

Luxury hand-made combination of wood,  highest quality genuine leather, chrome plated air inlets, specially designed audio system with “diamond” plated surfaces you name it… the Mercedes S-Class Maybach is made for those who want maximum comfort and exclusive and superior ride.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

Offering so many options with massage functions, cooling seats, heating seats, even the rear seats are adjustable to a laying position so the passengers can rest and gain maximum comfort.

Surrounding the interior design of the car, the quality is on the highest level, the door panels are best in its class. So many fine stitching, brand new texture with ergonomic style and combination of high quality glossy wood, perforated leather and chrome like buttons for the power window control, memory seat adjustment and sound system on the corner of the door panel.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

If you want to experience the majestic feeling of this Mercedes S-Class Maybach than the rear interior section of the car is the place to be. The Burmester High-End Surround System enriches the value of the ambient with 27 high performance loudspeakers and 24 discrete amplifier channels with an overall output power of 1590 watts.

But not only the Burmester Surround System is here to enrich the value of the ambient but the newest LED ambient technology that is surrounding the whole interior of the Mercedes S-Class Maybach like the door trims, armrests, seats, dash panels etc.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

With MAGIC SKY CONTROL comes as an option is basically the panoramic roof, the passenger can enjoy adjusting the ambient as well to turn down the brightness of the outside environment or to increase depending of the mood.

The rear seats are powered with a ton of options like the front seats as well, with massage, cooling, heating and most of all with electronically power adjustment controller for the front passenger seat so it can basically lower the seat in a position to stretch the legs and lay.

Two LED display panels serve as TV’s for the both rear seats and remote controller for adjusting the temperature, massage options or the personal perfume that Mercedes S-Class Maybach offer and lot more.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

The new Mercedes S-Class Maybach Infotainment System

The new Mercedes S-Class Maybach comes with brand new infotainment system which offers whole new experience from the previous Maybach version.

The multifunctional steering wheel comes with dual side controllers, on the left side the buttons and scrolling wheel is made for only for controlling the left side screen or the speedometer, route-based speed adoption, night vision, g-force, fuel consumption, trip etc. 

And on the right there is 12 inch LED screen which you can control and choose from optional dynamic data for the overall driving selection, suspension settings, ambient light adjustment with 64 different color to choose from, gps maps, Magic Body Control which is only available on the Mercedes S-Class Maybach 650 Model and Energizing comfort feature.

The new Specification of the Mercedes S-Class Maybach

The 2019 model Mercedes S-Class Maybach comes with two specs and titles, Mercedes S-Class Maybach 560 and Mercedes S-Class Maybach 650.

The Mercedes S-Class Maybach 560 is powered by a 4.0 liter V8 Bi-Turbo petrol engine with 463 hp and 700 nm od torque with an all-wheel drive system, which can go from 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

On the other hand the Mercedes S-Class Maybach 650 model is with the bigger specs and comes with an 6.0 liter V12 Bi-Turbo petrol engine with 621 hp and 1000 nm of torque with an all-wheel drive system as well, which can accelerate from 0-100 km in 4.6 seconds.

Mercedes S-Class Maybach Safety features and Technology

The new Mercedes S-Class Maybach comes with loads of technology and safety features for the VIP’s to enjoy every second of the ride. For improved driving experience the Mercedes S-Class Maybach comes with full category of Driving Assistance Systems, Active Distance Assistance DISTRONIC, Active Steering Assist, Active Speed Limit Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist and Route-Based Speed Adaption.

Interior Technology like exclusive rear passenger seat with 43 degree recline angle and Power Calf Resist, Optional exclusive Rear Sitting Package PLUS with two folding tables, Extended Interior Ambient Lighting in the rear, Panoramic Roof option with MAGIC SKY CONTROL and much more.