Mitsubishi Outlander – PHEV ( Plug-In-Hybrid )

The First SUV with Two Electric Motors   Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug in Hybrid)

Mitsubishi Outlander

The new generation of this compact SUV for the first time ever presented in a PHEV (Plug In Hybrid) setup or more likely its in a High-Range Series Parallel Hybrid category. With clean 2.0 liter DOHC Petrol Engine combine with two Electrical Motors, the Mitsubishi Outlander shows only 41 g/km CO2 emissions, and pure electrical drive for a 53 km, perfect for everyday use in the urban environment and the city traffic.

What is Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV?

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a high range series parallel hybrid vehicle, it is the largest vehicle in its class, and yet the best vehicle in its class with most driven kilometers than any other PHEV model. The design of the chassis is built with not one, but two 60 kw electrical motors that independently gave power to the front and rear wheels. Built from the electrical system in the Mitsubishi i-MiEV this PHEV conquers the SUV segment with its drive range.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Fuel consumption and its battery!

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is powered by a 12 kWh lithium-ion battery pack capable of delivering a fully electrical drive for 53 km, under the Japanese JCO3 test the Mitsubishi Outlander has achieved 60 km of pure electrical driving range with a top speed of 120 km/h.

The PHEV model comes with two charging sockets, a regular one for longer charging time and a fast charger CHAdeMO. In order to charge the electric battery inside the Mitsubishi Outlander with a standard port, it can achieve with 3,5 hours to its maximum capacity. But the fast DC charger allows rapidly charging the 12 kWh battery pack in only 30 mins for 80 % which is quite impressive for the everyday use.

Mitsubishi Outlander

What are the key figures of the Outlander PHEV?

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV comes with few better figures and totally unexpected game-changing technologies better than any other in the class.

  • Two Electric Motors

Knowing the fact that most of the Hybrid vehicles PHEV, and even some Electric have only single one motor that is moving the drivetrain but the Outlander PHEV has two powerful electric motors  enabling it to travel faster and work harder than any other hybrid vehicle, while still using ultra green electric power.

  • Driving Distance and Fuel Consumption

 As we all want to travel more and have better fuel consumption, Mitsubishi claims to 1.5 liter of fuel consumption in 100 km driving distance in perfect conditions. Surprising everyone the Outlander PHEV provides more than 800 km driving distance with fully load fuel tank in combining with the electrical powertrain which is only available in the one of the three driving modes (Parallel Hybrid Mode).

  • Three Driving Modes

The Outlander PHEV has a EV Power Mode, which stands for Full Electric Drive Mode and is best suitable for short distance or the everyday city traffic. The second one is Series Hybrid Mode, the 2.0 liter Petrol engine take charges the battery while the battery powers the wheels. And the third mode is the Parallel Hybrid Mode, in order to have better driving distance for the long highway roads the Parallel Hybrid Mode force the Petrol engine to charge the battery and give power to the wheels, and in the same time the battery gives power to the wheel as well.

What are the Safety Features and Technologies?

This modern SUV has a nearly fully safety features as standard for the everyday city traffic as well the highway roads. Starting from Brake Assist, Hill Assist, Permanent 4WD with super all-wheel control, RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body safety system, Forward Collision Mitigation System (Obstacles), Forward Collision Mitigation System with pedestrian detection, Lane Departure Warning,Unintended Acceleration Mitigation System with fully LED front Headlights and LED tail lights for better visibility at night.

Fully operating your Outlander PHEV on the Touch Screen on the central console, and via Multifunctional steering wheel, large speedometer display behind the steering wheel for better vision in both day and night conditions. Change the 4WD EV (drivetrain in every weather conditions with a single button), EV Priority Mode (Engage Pure-EV mode until the battery is empty). Regenerate Braking, Charge and Save (telling the petrol engine to charge the battery or save the battery charge for later on).