The all new BMW i3 and i3s – Second Generation Model

The BMW i3 model is gained a boost version the BMW i3S, it provided even better performance at the level of a Super Car!

BMW i3

Development of the BMW i3 and BMW i3s

This is another proof of how far the electric cars achieve its popularity used in everyday traffic like with this particular model of the BMW i3 Model.

It was introduced 4 years ago in the late 2013 and in the meantime has gained tremendous popularity due to its attractive and unusual design as well as its high practicality and compact dimensions. 

And this model is so popular that it is on the third place in Norway for the most purchased car, and not just in the same segment of the electric vehicles, in between new cars in general.

The BMW i3 plays an important role in the transition for the Bavarian company that produces cars with internal combustion engines only, to manufacturers that will soon have more electric models in their range, as well as plug-in hybrid versions of all current vehicles.

Their ultimate goal is to become one of the most successful carmakers in the automotive market for vehicles powered by electricity, they say in Munich.

BMW i3

For the potential buyers of the electric cars segment, the most important thing is that the new or redesigned model of the BMW i3 has a greater radius of driving range with a single battery charge than its predecessor from the late 2013 production model, only few models in the segment have better drive range like the Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

BMW i3 Design

Changes are made in both exterior and interior design in this new model of the BMW i3, its aerodynamic lines body is more spacious it has more comfortable interior and packed with the latest driving technology.

It also has the LED headlights that come as standard now in the base model of the equipment, and new color options are also available.

BMW i3

The modifications are not big at all the only big change is at the new style of the front bumper includes new fog lights and inside the interior a variety a new combination of colors has been applied to this version.

The biggest upgrade from the base model the BMW i3s which instead of the standard 170 has 186 horsepower. In addition, the car has an athletic twist, which is 12.7 millimeters lower.

BMW i3

BMW i3 and BMW i3s Battery and Driving Range

With a full charge of the battery pack, the car can go up to top speed of 156 km/ h, with an additional, small petrol engine, which serves exclusively for generating electricity, about 290 km.

Although the redesigned version of the BMW i3 electric model does not include increased driving autonomy, there is a sporty BMW i3s version that comes with a stronger motor.

Specification of the BMW i3 and BMW i3s

The Specs of the new BMW i3s can boast of a new Sport Mode and a stronger electric motor that delivers 186 hp (137 kW) and 270 Nm, which is 15 horsepower and 20 Nm more compared to the previous version of the i3 model. The BMW i3s range from 0 to 100 km/h reaches in just 6.9 seconds, while the top speed is electronically limited to 160 km/h.

BMW i3

The BMW i3s model also comes with alloy rims with diameter of 20 instead of 19 inches, and with wider tires. Strengthening power has directly affected the performance, so the BMW i3s charges up from 0 to 100 km  /h for almost a second faster from the base version the BMW i3, instead of 7.7, it takes an impressive 6.9 seconds.

The BMW i3 has remained unchanged in the driving range from the base model, meaning that without using climate control or heating you can go about 230 kilometers and in the worst case like in very cold weather, only 180 kilometers of range.

BMW i3

Technology and Interior Equipment of the BMW i3 and BMW i3s

The interior on the other hand is designed with high-performance materials like quality leather seats, long-lasting Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, a polymer that’s 50% lighter than steel with same strength as the steel.

The BMW i3 and i3s comes with a it of features like Self Parking Assistant that means the car can steer and park your vehicle at the paring lot or garage.

The iDrive system feature provides you all kind of information worldwide you can simply say what you want to do, from finding a destination to choosing a radio station and let your BMW do the rest.

Stay connect with the BMW Connected App will load your destination from your calendar, it will sync with your BMW i3 or BMW i3s Navigation, and notify you when it’s time to go.

As a standard feature is the Rear View Camera that lets you keep an eye on everything behind your BMW i3, paired with Park Distance Control, that guides you into a perfect and nearest parking every time.

BMW i3