The New E-GOLF – Second Generation VW E-Golf

100 km drive for a price of a coffee!


VW e-Golf Lithium Battery

Not long after the launch of the renewed VW Golf, they decided to let the electrical performance of the drastically increased range. Equipped with battery pack of 35.8 kWh, the new edition of the e-Golf has a NEDC declared 300 km range, which is as much as 50% more than its predecessor.

They say that in our everyday conditions, their electric power will exceed 200 km, regardless of ambient temperature, driving style, and the air conditioner system.

In addition, the electric motor now gives up to 100 kW/136 hp or 15 kW / 20 hp more, and in translation this means that the eco edition of the Golf will go in 0 to 100 km / h in 9.6 seconds.

The battery pack of the e-Golf is actually under the seats the front and the rear seats of the vehicle.


VW e-Golf Design

One thing that may appeal to some buyers and not so much for others is the look of this EV the E-Golf looks pretty well like a regular Mk 7 Golf just it gets the all new upgrades of the newly revised Mk 7 Golf.

Which include a new front and rear end and also comes as standard with the new LED adaptive headlights and LED sporty tail lights, with a characteristic C-signature and high output power with very low power consumption.


Equipment of the VW e-Golf

The interior on the other hand of the e-Golf model has e-specific details with blue decorative elements on the steering wheel, gear lever and the floor mats wich make a bit different from the standard version Mk 7 Golf.

The special specification of the in the interior design of the e-Golf is that its equipped with the standard Discover Pro navigation system, packed with innovative features.

The 9,2 inches color touch display provides a tremendous overview of the current information such as travel time, energy consumption, and a lot more.

The Active Info Display and Powermeter also contribute to easier tracking of relevant vehicle data.


With the standard Active Info Display, you can enjoy the benefits of the instrument panel on a high-resolution color screen 12.3 inch display for a various information profiles with a specific set of information are available to you, like the standard gear ratios, speed and mileage.

The another interesting thing about this new model of e-Golf is the decorative light elements in the door are part of an optional ambient light package that creates a futuristic ambience while you cruise your e-Golf at night.

VW e-Golf Driving Range

In everyday use, you can find your driving range of 300 kmĀ² of your e-Golf and with the help of the two different driving profiles provide direct impact on the range displayed by the central Screen Display with a map calculated from the computer of the vehicle via GPS, this driving range you can only get in the ECO Plus Driving Mode.


Specification of the New VW e-Golf

There are 3 driving modes for the e-Golf the Normal (standard mode) that gives you maximum output power of 136 hp there is no regenerate of the battery through the motor e-brake feature in this mode, with maximum performance and top speed of a 150 km /h.

The ECO Mode restricts your performance a little bit to improve economy and some of the specs of the AC system, it backs off the power that give you a maximum speed of 114 km / h and reduce the motor to a 74 hp with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 13.1 seconds which is not that bad just decent to drive on the motorway and to get on your destination a bit slower.

And the third mode is ECO + (Plus) wich limites your drive in top speed of 90 km / h , it backs of the throttle response and everything of the energy consumption units inside the car and maximizes your driving range to a 300 km.

ECO-Mod is the optimal choice for drivers who want a comfy drive. With the appropriate battery charge level, of course, it is possible to achieve higher speeds in both profiles.


There are two ways of charging the e-Golf:

  1. The one option is if you want to charge your e-Golf via your home standard plug, it will take you about 17 hours.
  2. But the second way and a faster way to charge your battery pack of the e-Golf is by installing the optional Wallbox system in that case you will have a higher charging capacity that will reduce the process for six hours. The same applies to public AC charging stations.

The charge lasts only six hours. And the fastest way to charge your e-Golf is on DC public stations with CCS fast chargers that can take up to 45 minutes to accumulate up to 80 percent of battery power for 45 minutes.