Nissan IMx (Intelligent Mobility)

Nissan is aiming to fully develop the AI till 2020

Nissan IMx

The new Japanese Concept is a fully electric Crossover with All-Wheel drive system boosting with a numerous technology including AI integrated system and fully auto pilot or autonomous drive.

What is Nissan’s IM meaning?

Nissan IM stands for Intelligent Mobility which means various technology built-in a vehicle that can drive it self with help of integrated software and a specialized computed module that will calculate the distance, controlling the speed of the vehicle and a ton of other functions with help of a lot of sensors and cameras inside the vehicle shell.

Overall Design

Nissan IMx is a fully electric Crossover Concept with a built-in AI or Artificial Intelligent system with futuristic design both in the exterior as well the interior, sharp-looking edges with sporty design, fully BiLED headlights with LED strip, covering the front face and the glowing LED effect the Nissan’s emblem.

Nissan IMx

Expressing the traditional Japanese esthetics this EV has a sporty V shape face, beautiful wide panoramic roof that opens the view for every situation traveling all around the world, experiencing every moment, outstanding safety features and built-in the most modern AI technology.

The side of the car is divided with two lines, for more aggressive style. Knowing the fact that this modern looking crossover has familiar look with the best-selling Electric Vehicle worldwide the Nissan Leaf with the same cues and their own and very best electric powertrain that is using in the same.

The back of the Nissan IMx has high boot with fully LED backlights and glowing LED emblem like the front of the vehicle, two open air-outlets for having better control of the aerodynamics and gain better grip.

Nissan IMx

Nissan IMx Specifications

All-wheel drive system, and 100% electric drive, featuring the driving range with over 600 km will be one serious competitor for Tesla and its crossover/SUV the Model X. Combined with pair electric motors that produce 320 kw or 429 hp power output and outstanding 700 nm of torque,  making this modern looking Nissan IMx one of the most powerful SUV on the market.

How it look on the inside and what Technology will have?

The Nissan IMx is a crossover vehicle that combines sport and luxury only for four people, providing plenty of space for both driver and passenger, fully LED screen panel surrounding the dashboard inside the cabin, sport style steering wheel with glowing LED emblem in the center, and ambient light for enjoying every situations in the night. The accelerator and the brake would be in a single plate separates in two pieces.

The central armrest (console) is provided with a ceramic look in combine with fine glass on the top, two touchscreen buttons, one for the start system in the other is more like a touchpad for choosing the right driving mode, climate inside the car, and other features and techs that Nissan IMx has to offer.

Nissan IMx has only two driving mode to offer, one is Manual Drive Mode for those who want fully control of the vehicle and Pro Pilot Drive Mode (Autonomous) for experiencing and enjoying the view of the environment.

  • Pro Pilot Drive Mode

When the driver select the Pro Pilot Drive Mode the vehicle will basically transform, that means that the steering wheel would fall back inside the dashboard, the seats would catch more comfortable angle, serving for the comfortable side of the ride, the both driver and passengers would have a chance to observe through the beautiful technology built by Nissan the Panoramic Roof via LED display.

  • Manual Drive Mode

The AI (Artificial Intelligent) built inside the Nissan IMx will learn the Driver’s driving ability, providing a personal account for the driver itself, learning and knowing the drive in the specific area no matter if is an Urban everyday drive or Long distance Highway Drive, the AI will catch every moment and act more like a human than ever before.

The Nissan IMx has ”basic” EV features combining with their very own Advanced Technology System, very known All-Wheel Drive 4×4 with E-Pedal System, Regenerate Braking in addition having more driving distance, Vehicle assist, Lane Assist, Pedestrian Detection, Vehicle Detection, Collision Warning System, Self Park. Hill Assist, and Navigation with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Advanced Technology used by the Nissan IMx is the AI mode it redefines what will soon be possible by combining all three pillars of the Nissan intelligent Mobility. They said that your Nissan IMx can self drive you to the airport for example, it can self park or drive it self home, and pick you up when you arrive back.

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