Opel GTX – Opel’s vision in its purest form!

Opel GTX

German car manufacturer Opel finally revealed the experimental concept with fully electric powertrain the Opel GTX. This is their first ever concept vehicle for the future generations with pure electric motor and one step forward in the automotive technology.

Exterior Design of the Opel GTX

Based to its bold exterior design the Opel GTX concept is an EV with modern style. The front of the Opel GTX is a classic closed up front section with a bumper without openings, symmetrical lines on the front of the bumper where in the center the LED illuminated Opel logo is positioned.

The Germans offer for this particular model the Opel GTX specially designed LED headlights which are in their latest technology thanks to the previous technology the Matrix IntelliLux LED Headlights which they are using it on their latest models, like the Opel Astra or the new Opel Insignia (Second Generation).

Opel GTX

With only 4 meter in length the Opel GTX is in the class of a small crossover,three tone exterior color are specified for the Opel GTX white color that surrounding the body. Yellow contrast stripe spread from the rear section till the front of the hood and black color hood and roof top as well the bottom of the body panel.

The back of the Opel GTX has a bold design like the side of the vehicle, but the very interested feature this concept car has is the illuminated Opel logo which is lightened by a LED white color while stay in position and while its driving.

When the driver press the breaking paddle the white color LED logo turns into red color and the rooftop radio antenna and GPS module turns red as well.

Interior Design of the Opel GTX 

Approaching the Opel GTX and you will be welcomed by the technology or the sensors that are detecting the key or the smart phone connected to the vehicle, and the two doors will be opened for the both driver and passenger of the same side.

The Opel GTX interior is quite futuristic. It is powered by four seats which are kinda floating on the middle console, the inside of the doors are bold and empty without any gadget or controls built-in, however it is still a concept vehicle.

Opel GTX

Huge glass panel is stretch from the central window till the rooftop of the Opel GTX, clear and clean surfaces are surrounded the interior.

Central console splitting both front and rear seats,  in addition to make it more simple and clean like the rest of the interior design they built-in touch sensitive controls on the central console for maneuvering and controlling the navigation and the rest of the options the Opel GTX has to offer.

Opel GTX

Behind the steering wheel there is huge dashboard which is one big display panel built-in the whole front cockpit. For adding more technology features Opel’s GTX dashboard serves for variety of purposes.

The integrated dashboard has a big speedometer on the center, navigation, gps and radio options. On the both sides of the cockpit there is two display screens for the side mirrors on each side and front head-up display on the windshield.

Opel GTX