Opel newest IntelliLux LED Matrix Light Technology

Opel newest IntelliLux LED Matrix Light Technology

From October and November in different countries all around the world the time is going one hour backwards so for drivers, this means more driving in the dark and unfavorable visibility conditions in the months to come.Nevertheless, those who are behind the Opel wheel will not have problems because the German brand innovative intelligent lighting technologies in many models such as Astra , Insignia etc.


The manufacturer of Rüsselsheim, Germany offers a full LED lighting system that automatically adjusts the light beam depends on the environment. This is the second generation of IntelliLux LED® dot matrix headlights that set the current trends and are on the new Opel Insignia Country Tourer. This model with its “off-road” look, makes this vehicle turns the day into a day. Visibility has been greatly improved, and therefore the safety of driver, passengers, and other participants in the traffic has been significantly improved.Revolutionary IntelliLux LED Matrix Light has been introduced with the current generation of Opel Astra.


The C-segment bestseller lighthouses consist of 16 LED segments eight on each side, which automatically and continuously adjust the length and distribution of the light beam in relation to each traffic situation, and when necessary, simply “squeeze” the surrounding environment around incoming vehicles or those in front of them. This means zero levels of dampening of other participants in traffic while at the same time enjoying maximum visibility and comfort.

The functionality of this smart lighting system works as soon as the car comes out of an urban area, the IntelliLux LED lights are activated and automatically adjust the length and distribution of the light beam in relation to every possible traffic situation, whether it is Astra or Insignia, on a motorway, a local road, city drive or a ride in the curves.


Opel engineers have used significantly more performance to accommodate twice as many LED segments in the headlights a number of 32 in the new Opel Insignia Country Tourer. The same goes for Grand Sport and Sports Tourer models. The result is impressive: not only do the headlights work more elegantly due to a smoother transition between the more numerous LED segments, but the light pattern is more precisely adapted. Adaptive IntelliLux LED matrix headlights produce a greater amount and even more intense light.

In order to further enhance visibility while driving through the curves with activated long beams, they added a new function to the second generation of IntelliLux LED Matrix Headlights. The intensity of light in the internal matrix segments increases in accordance with the angle of rotation of the steering wheel to improve the curve illumination. Each IntelliLux LED also has a long beam reflector, which contributes to additional illumination with activated long beam, up to 400 meters. In this way, the driver can see animals crossing the road at a distance that was previously in the dark – especially in the autumn, this is a huge contribution to safety when driving on local roads in the early morning or late nights.

Opel offers light technology for other models not only in its premium Insignia and  Astra , but also in vehicles of other categories: the new Grandland X  has LED AFL lights. LED technology allows light patterns that can be changed at the same time providing improved functionality compared to previously used technologies. In addition, automatic camera light-based lights prevent the blindness and light glare of other traffic participants, without the need to manually deactivate the long beam.

Overall, the AFL headlamps in the Opel Grandland X provide seven operating modes – local road light, highway light, city light , pedestrians, curve light, bad weather light, dynamic light that tracks steering movements and long service assistance lights.

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