Porsche 928-4 Shooting Brake – Unique present one of a kind

One and unique car in the whole world Porsche 928-4

Porsche 928-4

A unique birthday present – The unique Porsche 928-4

This unique birthday present the Porsche 928-4 was made only as one sample in the whole world, it was made as a gift for the 75th birthday of Ferry Porsche the Austrian technical automobile designer and automaker-entrepreneur.

Only one single copy of this particular model for the Porsche 928-4, there was a Shooting Brake of the Porsche 928-4 model and shown at the Porsche Museum.

Pleasantly surprised by the shooting break, by the fact that Porsche introduced a “panamera sport turismo” in Geneva, or a wagon model of the famous four-seater.

Porsche 928-4

As a birthday gift for the chairman of that time, the idea was from the engineers to surprised their first man, with a special gift for his 75th birthday, and was a one and only sample in the world. The shooting break model for the Porsche model was officially named the ”928-4”.

As an idea for building such a model, the Porsche Development Center took the”928 S” model as a basic example and extended the body of the car by 25 centimeters. This additional space was used to install the second row of the full-sized back seats, instead of the auxiliary codes of the standard model.

Porsche 928-4

Spacious interior cabin build from leather and textile materials soft with style. To make it easier for travelers to move in the back, the B pillar is something that designers extent it in addition for the head room. Compared to the standard serial models, the difference was that this birthday gift had fixed headlights instead of popping with a projector mounted inside in the housing.

In specs of the engine Porsche 928-4 retained the five-liter 5.0 V8 engine as the standard sport version with 310 hp, which can gain a top speed of 310 km/h.

Porsche 928-4