Preparing your car for the Winter Season

Winter season is particularly aggressive and causing for total failure of the car!

winter season

Be sure to check and restore the protection of the lower part of the vehicle. During the winter season ice and snow stick, it is quite certain that the vehicle will come into contact with the salt thrown into the streets.

This salty layer is ”pulled” into all lower parts of the vehicle , and not only the exterior of the car is suffering, but also the vital parts that are in the main domain of safety. Is more than necessary to wash your car after every “salty” drive.


Safety precaution during the winter season

Check the brake fluid ,if it is older than two years it needs to be change, because of the hygroscopic (inclination to absorb moisture) it loses its purpose of use.

You will likely need a camping shovel for snow emergency situation, first aid kit and at least one sleeping bag, also you can do a little practice putting on tire chains in your driveway. This makes the job easier when the time comes.

The front and the rear windshield like all the rest of the windows must be properly clean and apply with specific type of liquid to prevent your windows of fogging up you can buy it in your local car shop of your car dealer.

Inspect your antifreeze liquid and control his viscosity, if the air purifier has a summer-winter mode, it is adjusted, in order to provide faster working temperature of the engine.

The pressure of your car tires must be on the recommended level and the most important are the driving wheels to have winter tires. Do not forget the chains in the trunk.

Don’t forget that it’s about safety and security, for your own the passengers and the rest of the road traffic!