The Luxury Range Rover SV Coupe

Geneva 2018: Luxury Coupe style SUV behind an English emblem

Range Rover

Two-door luxury Coupe SUV with a modern look built with high quality interior components and with a lot of tech. The modern era for a Coupe style luxury SUV came at last, knowing the fact that Mercedes-Benz got the luxury SUV’s with Coupe like the GLC and the GL designs, BMW with the X6 and the Porsche Cayenne.

Design of the Range Rover SV

Dynamic and recognizable design with a sculpted front grille made from Stainless Steel imbued with Chrome gives a well designed and shining finished look. Like the classic 4-door SUV the 2-door got range of well designed panoramic roof top they share the same LED tail lights including whole back side and the front LED headlights alongside the front bumper as well. Everything else is made completely new from the bottom to the top, like the whole chassis is made specially for the SV Coupe the sides of the car, interior and the roof line.

Range Rover

Redesign side air intake are changed than the standard model, moved from the door just to look a little bit longer as well in addition to change the dynamical performance of the vehicle. As standard this 2-door Range Rover SV Coupe comes with the biggest alloy wheels ever, with 23 inch (275/40 R23), so there is no need of aftermarket or changing the alloy wheels in addition to have better performance of the car.

Range Rover

Interior of the Range Rover SV Coupe

The Range Rover SV Coupe comes with dual tone leather color, for a luxury SUV there is Semi-Aniline leathers with a highest quality in the category, hand-built by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division, specially designed four-leather seats with nice and fine wood material on the central console in both front and rear, with various controls for the driver and the passengers too. Range Rover is focused on the driver seats that’s why the designers made the front seats marble white color to give more fresh and progressive feeling, and the back seats with a royal blue to give a soft and ambient relaxing touch for the back passengers.


The Range Rover SV Coupe comes with a various technology and gadgets to build up the perfect Range Rover SV Coupe for your style and needs, starting from the Multifunctional steering wheel designed in combination with leather and wood. Royal blue fully leather dashboard with LED display panel behind the steering wheel and the central console. Touch display for fully operational of the vehicle as well the front and back side of the cabin. Rear seat Touch info Display, Voice Recognition, In-Control apps, specially developed Pro Service system for any location worldwide, Meridian High quality Sound System.


This two-door SUV Coupe comes with a 5.0 liter Supercharged V8 engine with an All-Wheel Drive provides 565 hp it can take out from 0-100 km/h in just 5,3 seconds. With a maximum speed of 266 km/h and 700 nm of torque. Powered by an 8-speed Automatic Transmission which use a 13,8 liter combined drive with a 104 liter fuel tank.