Renault Newest TCe – Turbocharged Petrol Engine

Renault in cooperation with Daimler


Renault surprised everyone by making a brand new Turbocharged-Petrol Engine!

Description and Development of the New TCe Engine

In cooperation with Daimler and in general with Mercedes-Benz, the newest supercharged-petrol engine has four cylinders, direct injection of fuel intake and an engine volume of 1330 cc.

First vehicles with this engine will be installed in Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic, starting with the first production to be made in 2018.

The official designations for the newest Renault engine will be TCe 115, TCe 140 and 160, which means they will have three power levels. Compared to the current TCe 130 engine capacity of 1.2 liters, the new TCe 140 has a 35 Nm more torque.

Renault says that the new engine has a better throttle response to low revs and will have a lower carbon emission, two powerful version of the will be available to purchase with an EDC or dual clutch transmission, the newer engine will have more durable and stronger injector with increased power for 250 bar of pressure with a specially designed combustion chamber. A completely new system of two-stage variable valve opening time is also applied.


The maximum torque for the TCe 115 (Turbocharged-Petrol) engine is 220 Nm output power and the turbine is activated at 1500 rpm, while the other 140 and 160 (Turbocharged-Petrol) engines have 240 and 260 Nm which is quite impressive.

And the weakest in the same segment is the TCe 115 achieves a maximum power at 4500 RPM, while the other two versions have going a bit more at 5,000 rpm.

We will wait a bit for the new 1.3 turbo gasoline that will gradually be introduced in some other Renault vehicles in 2018.