Seat belt is actually more important than the Airbag!

The seat belt is the primary protection that ensures the functionality of the airbag itself.

ADAC tests have shown that for the safety of the driver and passengers, the most important is the proper seating and having a safety seat belt on. The airbags, have full efficiency only with the proper seating position, adjusting the headrests and fitting the seat belt correctly.

Drivers who are not “tied”, also and the rest of the passengers including children without seat belt on in the middle or in the back seat risk the most severe injuries even in the most modern cars.

Shown in the car crash test above in the picture, carried out according to Euro NCAP standards in Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI, at a speed of 64 km / h , such a test simulates the most dangerous collision, in which, in fact, most people are being hit by traffic jam.

Certainly, the tests are carried out with test puppets. In case of proper “tying” it was shown that there would be no injury to both the driver and the passengers. In the second case, the puppets were not tied or sitting incorrectly, so they “suffered” life-threatening injuries.

For “bad drivers” that want to pass by the seat belt sensor with tying behind the back:

– the non-used safety seat belt is particularly dangerous for smaller people.

– without seat belt, the airbags become useless and even dangerous!