Skoda Vision X – their first ever SUV with Hybrid Powertrain

Skoda Vision X

Skoda Vision X is the first Czech designed Sport Utility Vehicle with Hybrid Powertrain, combined with German certificate, modern crystalline exterior look that provides the view of future production models. Compact proportions, with dynamic exterior design with only 89 g of CO2 per kilometer.

Exterior Design of the Skoda Vision X

The Skoda Vision X express great enthusiasm and energy for an “urban lifestyle” vehicle. The design language has drastically changed from the previous SUV models, this third SUV model the Skoda Vision X is 4,255 mm long, 1,807 mm wide and 1,537 mm high, express their interest in the Hybrid unit, directly compete with Toyota C-HR Hybrid as a leader in the same segment.

The Skoda Vision X has expression from long distance, the car is very upright which gives a specific tone of robustness and agility. The dominant detail of the exterior design of the Skoda Vision X is the crystal grille which is covered by LED giving wide presence combined with the BiLED headlights which highlight the whole face of the SUV.

Skoda Vision X

As standard the 20 inch 3D alloy wheels, gives sporty appearance and better handling. The side frameless doors of the Skoda Vision X has a touch technology which activate a pop-up handles when pressing a button, which is quite a unique features even in a  highest tech level vehicles.

Skoda Vision X

The backside of the vehicle has a new interpretation of the tail lights effect which are divided in two pieces, which has a newly and unique night present signature, with sharp and crispy lines and lot of brightness inspired by the Bohemian Crystal.

Skoda Vision X

Interior Design of the Skoda Vision X

The dual tone interior of the gives emphasis of sporty look and significant craftsmanship, which will inspire mostly the youth crowd.

Only four seats are available for the Vision X model, with plenty of room for both front and back passengers. Big boot capacity of 380 liters including ”Simply Clever” two electric skateboards, the car also comes with two helmets with camera drone for capturing images and recording videos.

The dashboard of the Skoda Vision X isn’t characterized by the design from Skoda which people would expect, actually is a way more better. It has great visual presence and good ergonomic design.

With a polished glass surface, making it possible to look at a display that is connecting the drive control and showing the energy flow as the two motors works combined with the beautiful LED ambient lighting.

It features modern and symmetrical surfaces with quality materials which highlight the entire cabin, from the door trims, central console which has a special illumination and finishes on the entire dashboard.

Skoda Vision X

Technology used for the Skoda Vision X

Innovative features are enhanced for better driving experience of the Skoda Vision X, with this model they going forward offering digital services such as the Smart Parking feature, CareDriver, HoppyGo and TwoGo. This technologies share better security for both driver and environment. 

The Smart Parking feature, detect the available spot where it can be self parked, HoppyGo features allow people to search and choose their Skoda car for rent, with all available places nearby, CareDriver is to alert if the driver couldn’t make it on time or to prolong the time, for example picking up the kids from school,etc.

And the TwoGo feature offer car sharing opportunities, every single technology is developed by Skoda AUTO DigiLab, the newest innovative Czech software system in the world of digitalization.

Skoda Vision X

Specifications and Powertrain of the Skoda Vision X

The Hybrid Drive System of the SKoda Vision X is provided by a combination of Petrol with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Methane Gas and Electric Motor.

The 1.5 liter G-TEC four-cylinder Petrol Combustion Engine powered by a Turbocharged unit, which is specially developed to work in combination with CNG. The CNG drive system delivers power output of 128 HP with 200 nm of torque. The CNG system drives the front axle while the Electric Motor is moving the rear axle making all-wheel permanent drive and it is Skoda’s first ever all-wheel drive system that has no propshaft.

There are several drive mode to choose from, for fully use of the electric motor in the urban area using only the electrify unit or combining the both and even using the internal combustion engine with CNG, the highest range of the Skoda Vision X is 650 kilometers using the fully lithium battery pack and both Petrol and CNG tanks.

The Skoda Vision X accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 9.3 and achieving maximum speed of 200 km/h with incredible rear-wheel drive of 1000 nm of torque powered by the electric motor in combination with the Petrol tank, the Vision X can use, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive suitable for every terrain.