SkyActiv X Mazda Next-Gen Gasoline Engine with Compression-Ignition

SkyActiv X is the first Petrol engine in the world to use compression-ignition

SkyActiv X

Mazda announce the first ever compression-ignition Petrol engine, what that means.. people will ask them self, it will basically work on the same working procedure as the diesel engine.

The Japanese car manufacturer Mazda Motor Corporation has announced the so-called (spark controlled compression ignition) engine the newest 2019 SkyActiv X, which some people call it the ”holy grail” of Petrol engine’s. In addition this long-term vision for such a technology development that Mazda is making will be the revolution in the car industry.

Technological innovation system – SkyActiv X

The SKYACTIV-X is the world’s first ever made commercial motor that uses compression ignition combustion of fuel and air mixture spontaneously when the piston is compressed into the cylinder, by maximizing a zone where compression ignition is possible by its edge and achieving a smooth transition between compression ignition and spark ignition.

This working method of an engine type like Mazda owns it basically means saving nearly 30 to 40 percentage of petrol in your fuel tank improving the fuel economy to its highest level and will prolong the life of the internal combustion engines by 20 or 25 years in existence.

SkyActiv X

Specifications of the new Mazda SkyActiv X engine

This new internal combustion SkyActiv X engine combines the benefits of petrol and diesel engines in order to achieve excellent ecological and economical characteristics,to gain more power output with huge improvements in better torque and acceleration capabilities.

Also a big improvement for the Compression ignition is the combination with a built-in compressor to improve efficiency which allows excellent responsiveness and increased torque by 10 to 30 percent compared to the current SKYACTIV-G petrol engines.

With SkyActiv X engine to high-efficiency, quieter ride than the previous petrol engines and cleaner engine that no other internal combustion engine has ever built and seen in the automotive world through a wide range of speed and variety on road conditions, this engine offers much greater flexibility in the choice of transmission gear ratio, which at the same time ensures superior economy and excellent performance will totally change the experience between the car and the driver.

SkyActiv X