The Tesla Model S – Fastest Family Electric Sedan

Tesla Model S the luxuries powerful sedan!

Tesla Model S

Design of the Tesla Model S

This long-awaited modern luxury electric vehicle was produced to be the practical family car but with specs of a super car. With his length size of nearly 5 meters long or actually 4978 mm, wheelbase size of 2959 mm and width of 2189 mm makes this Tesla Model S one great family car.

This particular model of electric vehicle is very specific in his class, around the specs of comfort, drivetrain and the variety of technology built inside. The design of the Tesla Model S is to be the safest and best sedan/family vehicle on the road today with front and rear trunk.

The Tesla Model S is build in 2 versions, with only one electric motor on each front and back, and the other version the P100D comes with dual electrical motors on the back and one on the front, however the same model comes as standard with all wheel drive.

Tesla Model S – Specification

With its great aerodynamics and performance the Tesla Model S produce a total 568 kW or 762 hp, combines a front axle power of 259 horsepower or 193 kW and rear axle power of 503 horsepower or 375 kW to a total of 762, that means it can go from 0 to 100 km /h in just 2.8 seconds.

Tesla Model S

Safety was one of the first priority tasks for this model, it owed unique electric drivetrain that sits beneath the car’s aluminum isolated cell in its own cover. This unique positioning lowers the car’s center of the vehicle, which improves handling and minimizes rollover risk, and replaces the heavy engine block with impact.

In a present of accident, eight airbags protect front and rear position of the cabin, and the high voltage power source is automatically disconnected.

Interior Equipment of the Tesla Model S

The interior for the Tesla Model S is very spacious for its size, with 5 seats with good amount of space for the legs and head room for the taller people, the interior is made from high-end materials such as high quality leather seats, Alcantara dashboard and headliner, beautiful futuristic design of the whole dashboard with 17 inch capacitive touchscreen. Inside of the cabin is also engineered to have uniquely quiet powertrain to obtain the sound dynamics of a recording studio, which isolate the sounds from the outside environment.

Tesla Model S

Top Driving Range for the Tesla Model S

Like all modern electric vehicles today the Tesla Model S got a ton of features for making your driving experience much easier and more enjoyable for all kind of situations, in the heavy traffic today and in the pleasant drive on the highway. Thanks to its great ion battery pack it can go up to 300 miles of drive range or 483 kilometers.

Tesla Model S

Technology Features of the Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S comes as standard with full self-driving hardware with sensors and cameras from all around the vehicle that allows maximum protection of unpleasant situations, build in enchanted autopilot that will control the vehicle speed limit, auto steering function even in the heavy everyday traffic, maneuvering around objects and auto parking, all you need to do is to ”say” a voice command and it will provide you the safest, fastest and even the most economical road trip from the starting point to your desirable destination.

And that’s not just all there is a lot of standard features you will have with this Tesla Model S, an automatic emergency breaking, Front Collision Warning, Side Collision Warning, Auto High Beams, Adaptive full LED headlights and a lot more.

Tesla Model S

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