Toyota C-HR with NHTSA 5-Star Overall Safety Rating

Toyota C-HR

Toyota always knew how to surprise with future manufacturing trends but this C-HR model climbs to another level ..

Production and Development of the Toyota C-HR

This subcompact crossover is Toyota’s smallest SUV and it is a real refresh in the class. But this is not the only trump card of C-HR. Recently, Toyota introduced a completely new platform to make all its new vehicles, called TNGA, which is primarily aimed at high driving experience that is, agility and dynamic.

Toyota C-HR is the second car on this platform, after the Prius and the first SUV in the company’s range.

Toyota’s promises for higher dynamics in curves and greater driving fun have already been heard several times since the arrival of Akio Toyoda the head of the company and although some of the updated models have made progress. Therefore, he announce that the new TNGA platform will bring tremendous progress in this part we took with a precaution.

The Toyota C-HR cannot go unnoticed and some people will probably think that Toyota has lost imagination in creating a new name and it’s pretty good at it. However, the abbreviation makes sense – it means Compact – High Rider, which in translation means “coupe style highly placed from the ground”. Specifically, the “coupe” is a SUV model.

Although it is a car that competes in several classes below, according to us, C-HR has the best-selling design of all coupe SUV cars launched on the market so far. In fact, not only does the merging of these two vehicle categories have been successful.

The Toyota C-HR is probably the most beautiful car in the class of compact SUV cars. It is sporty and aggressive, with a sufficient amount of robustness and toughness and a great cool factor that sets it apart from his competitors like Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and the BMW X6.

Toyota C-HR

The designer’s focus has clearly shown that Toyota has made a real effort to give the C-HR a soul and make it a car that will not be just a reliable means of transport, but who will truly awaken the feelings of the driver and passengers.

Toyota C-HR Specification and Performance

Toyota C-HR model has the same powertrain from Auris Hybrid and Prius. The hybrid drive is made of a 1.8-liter Petrol engine of 98 hp, which operates under the efficient Atkinson cycle and an additional Electric motor with a power of 53 KW and more importantly 163 Nm. The final result of this power train is acceleration up to 11 seconds and a top speed of 170 km / h.

These aren’t the numbers that will raise the level of adrenaline in any car lover, but that is not the part you want to care about. Yes, C-HR is not a car that you can dominate the highway road, but in the city urban drive it’s shown his performance.

In fact, up to 60 km / h, there is almost no car that will beat you from one traffic light to another, and thanks to the high torque and e-CVT, a speed-independent gearbox that is always at the right speed, overtaking the uphill is very easy.

The Toyota C-HR is also offered as a turbocharged Petrol model with the new 1.2 liter engine with 116 hp. This model has almost the same acceleration (10.9 seconds) but a much higher maximum speed of 190 km / h and is likely to be more flexible in different driving situations, though with higher consumption.

If you want a Four-wheel drive model, it is only available with a 1.2-liter turbo engine, while a Diesel engine is not available at all – the future for Toyota is in hybrid powertrains.

Toyota C-HR

After several hybrid producted models from Toyota, we can safely say that the hybrid drive is the most refined and quiet solution to the city’s conditions.

For this above all is the well-deserved e-CVT gearbox which continuously changes without any chopping gear, as well as the electric motor that almost exclusively drives the vehicle at lower speeds.

However, probably because it’s a bit heavier than the Auris and Prius, which have the same drivetrain, but Toyota C-HR cabin is slightly louder at higher speeds, and this is primarily true of the petrol engine, which resonates a bit more torque with strong acceleration.

The Toyota C-HR is a 4.36 meter long car, with a respectable wheelbase of 2.64 meters. Thanks to this, the cabin is comfortable enough for four adult passengers, with space in all directions.

Toyota C-HR

However, the Toyota C-HR problem is not in space, but in the perception of space, and this is particularly true in the rear seats, where the small windows limit the look outside and make the passengers feel a little “claustrophobic”. Some people like this feeling but after all it is a matter of taste.

The trunk is also not particularly strong side, with 377 liters of volume, which are smaller than its competitors in the class… but for many buyers, this rack will be enough, but the fact is that if you want a car that will swallow a lot of cargo, C-HR will not be the best choice in the class.

Toyota C-HR

Although the Toyota C-HR cabin has a futuristic design, it’s still Toyota, where ergonomics has always been in the forefront. Behind the wheel almost every driver will find the ideal position, while the controls on the center console are always within reach and are readable and well-distributed.

Technology and Interior Features of the Toyota C-HR

The multimedia touch screen system is also very intuitive and easy to manipulate, although it would have been great if the volume controls were not touching, but with the old good rotary potentiometer. And this applies not only to Toyota, but to many other car manufacturers.

What may be a slightly bigger problem is the rear view, since the “C” pillars are too large and limiting the view. Large rear-view mirrors and rear-camera helps, but there are many cases where you can not literally see anything through the rear windows, which is another drawback to the coupe body shape.

Toyota C-HR

As a car intended for the younger population, the Toyota C-HR is richly featured in the initial model called CITY, which is offered in combination with only 1.2 liter turbocharged Petrol engine. 

The classic level of equipment for the hybrid model is the CENTER, which delivers 17 inch alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel, a 4.2-inch color display on the dashboard, a dual zone automatic climate control, an electrochronic rear view mirror.

Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system featuring an 8 inch touch screen and connectivity with a smart phone, a system for automatic start-up of the vehicle, etc.

According to what this model offers, it is exactly our choice for the best ratio of investing. C-HR is also available in four additional levels of equipment (Cult, Cult LED, Classy, ​​Classy LED), which too raise the price of the model.

Toyota C-HR has a warranty of 6 years or 200,000 kilometers, which is a sufficient indication of the confidentiality of the Japanese brand . Also, the hybrid drive has already been developed over 20 years and according to reliability surveys is at the very top.

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