Geneva 2018: Toyota Supra GR Racing Concept

Toyota Supra Gazoo Racing is the all-new Japanese Racing Concept

Toyota Supra

Design of the new Toyota Supra

The Racing Concept of this new Toyota Supra was presented as a Sport Edition Coupe with aggressive body style and few light carbon fiber materials. The ergonomic and aerodynamic of the new generation Supra is improved drastically than the previous model with few modifications, but still this Racing Concept is the closest design we see for the future production model.

Toyota Supra

This new Toyota Supra GR (Gazoo Racing) concept is an iconic figure of the Japanese car manufacturer and it is a legend among all street legal race cars they ever built so far. No updates for the specs about the engine and its power, but the one thing they did told us is, this GR and future production model would have the same rear wheel drive like the previous Toyota Supra with a front engine, maximum speed so far tested by the test-drivers is more than 320 km/h.

Toyota Supra

There is a computer designed front splitter with a massive rear wing diffuser, that literally suck the car to the road. The lightweight materials in the whole chassis has an advantage to increase acceleration the overall handling and the basic performance of this newer generation Toyota Supra to its maximum limits. We assume that in addition from the previous model of the clean naturally aspirated engine, they might do a higher performance modification to a newer engine with one or twin turbochargers.

The front progressive LED headlights got a LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) so far seen on the GR model we belive that on the future production model they will make a whole Bi-LED headlights with integrated module built inside the projectors like it’s competitors in its class the BMW Z3. The back side of the Supra does have a whole new LED tail lights with a central exhaust built-in the rear carbon fiber bumper.

Toyota Supra

Interior look of the Toyota Supra

The interior of the Supra GR has a pure sport cabin, hand crafted carbon fiber materials at the front console, physical buttons for full control of the performance for the car as well as the OMP Multifunctional Sport Steering Wheel with a LED display serving as a dashboard built on the wheel itself. The paddle-Shift system is there too for lighting fast gear shifting and the specially designed drivers sport seat is carefully made for high-speed cornering and a full role cage gives the cabin a fully safety harness.

For the sport enthusiasts the new Toyota Supra has serious German competitor in its class the, the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

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