The VW e-up! – Small, Spacious and Practical City car

The full-electric Small and Practical VW e-up!

VW e-up

Design and Comfort of the VW e-up

Small but yet practical enough for everyday use in the heavy city traffic the VW e-up is likely designed for it, in the same class as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the french twins (Citroen C-Zero as Peugeot iOn) the driving range is a bit of an issue.

But the VW e-up is more serious car for the price in the A-segment 5 doors, 4 seats hatchback, with a length of 3540mm , wheelbase 2420mm and width of 1641 mm if you think about the hight about this EV well it provides complete comfort for four people and a 250-liter luggage compartment, which overlaps the rear seats to 950-liter of luggage space.

VW e-up

The electric version of the small Volkswagen isn’t different at all from the basic petrol version, it provides the same comfort and luggage space, and also has a better acceleration thanks to the electric drivetrain.

Battery Capacity of the VW e-up

The 60 kw or the 82 hp is the output power from the VW e-up although the basic e-model comes with 60 and 75 hp with a front axle that deliver power from the lithium-ion battery pack, of a total 18,7 kWh DC voltage, an inverter (DC to a AC converter.

The battery of the VW e-up pack is located beneath the front hood, partly in the floor area, and the genius of the concept is seen here. As a term of comfort the VW e-up is a serious vehicle in the A-segment, the specially designed suspension of the vehicle it can handle an extra 285 kg weight more than the standard ones of the gasoline model.

An AC motor or Alternating current it has a great advantage, it is lighter and smaller, has a better level of performance and is better tolerated by short-term overload.

VW e-up

Specification for the VW e-up

With a 210 nm of torque total driving range of 99 miles or 160 kilometers and a top speed of 130 km/h it fulfil the everyday standards for those who need a practical city vehicle. The small look is on the outside but the bigger side of this EV is at the inside cabin with good amount of room for this particular class at the both driver and passenger seats as well as the back seats it has enough head room and knee room for even the taller people.

VW e-up

Technology and Equipment of the VW e-up

Following from a driver’s perspective it has great visibility both front and back windows, not much of a blind spots in this model, big side electrical mirrors, leather steering wheel, digital climate control, single speed gearbox (like all others EV’s), infotainment system DAB radio, Bluetooth and a USB socket, front digital panel with sat-navi.

Using your smart phone lets you control the charging process remotely, and gives plenty of statistics about your driving with a special app for the e-up, climate control, automatic emergency braking, rear parking sensors and cruise control is the features you will get purchasing the VW e-up.

Buying the VW e-up let you have 8 years or 160.000 kilometers warranty from the German car manufacturer, along with the battery.

VW e-up

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