The all-new VW Touareg-Third Generation Model 2019

Volkswagen increase their SUV range with the third VW Touareg model

Vw Touareg

Volkswagen extend their SUV range with the beautiful all new Touareg, with numerous safety features and technology. Premium layout in both interior and exterior, bigger practicality, increased comfort and newer and cleaner engine variety could definitely be serious threat of the luxury SUV segment like the Bentley Bentayga or the Porsche Cayenne with a half price tag.

How VW Touareg looks from the outside?

The third generation VW Touareg has a bold design, new shiny grille coated with chrome, accumulate the Matrix BiLED headlights, luxuries distinctive look with Volkswagen signature. This premium SUV takes a leap forward in with an impressive specification, brand-new safety features and technology levels of digital dashboard customization that have never been experienced on a car interface in that segment.

Compared to its previous VW Touareg model, the third generation Touareg is slightly wider and longer. The new dimensions have positive effects on both the vehicle’s proportions and the overall amount of interior space. The added exterior length leads, has a significant increase in luggage space, from 697 to 810 liters. Despite its increased length and width, the car body is 106 kg lighter because of the mixed material construction components of aluminium and steel of the chassis.

Vw Touareg

Interior Design of the new VW Touareg

Spacious interior cabin plenty space for 5 passengers, combining soft touch materials with high quality leather, and equipped with latest technology, safety features and comfort, the new Touareg is ready to be one serious competitor for the luxury SUV market.

Sophisticated dashboard with built-in info touch screen system which is spread from the instrument panel behind the steering wheel till the center position of the dash. The all new VW Touareg sets a new standards for combining both luxury and technology, with its new innovision cockpit.

Maneuvering with the info system has never been easier, there are several way to choose from. With only swipe of a finger you can change the selected option or with swipe of two fingers, can change whole menu. As a third options there is air gestures and even physical buttons at the front of the central armrest. To complete the whole thrill in the beautiful cabin, the changeable ambient light will make its magic for relaxation and comfort to its higher level.

Vw Touareg

Safety features and Technology for the VW Touareg

This third generation model of the VW Touareg is an only vehicle equipped with most safety features and technology ever built-in the VW group production. Technologies such as the Night Vision assistance system which detects people and animals in darkness via a thermal imaging camera, Lane Assist automated steering and lane keeping, Front Cross Traffic Assist,Emergency Calls Safety System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Intersection Assist, Traffic Jam Assist,LED Matrix IQ headlights interactive and integrated with 120 LED’s into one LED module, camera-based dipped and main beam headlight control and a Head-up Display.

All-Wheel drive system,  Active electronic all-wheel steering which will make the Touareg maneuvering like a compact car, new roll stabilization with electromechanical controlled anti-roll bars, optional Air Suspension for increased comfort in any terrain.

Vw Touareg

VW Touareg Specifications and Drivetrain

Variations of engines specifications and drivetrain are available for the new VW Touareg the first model is launched with V6 engines. Volkswagen will initially offer two TDI V6 Turbocharged Diesel Engines for the new Touareg with one engine power output of 228 HP and the more powerful one with 281 HP. 

Followed by the more cleaner Turbocharged Petrol Engine will be also available by a TFSI V6 with 335 HP and a stronger V8 Turbocharged Diesel Engine with 415 HP.

A new plug-in hybrid drive will join later on with Turbocharged Petrol Engine supporting with an Electrical motor producing 362 HP power output.

Vw Touareg