Winter Tires – Get Ready on Time

Don’t wait for the first snow to fall and ”surprise” you, get your winter tires right away!

According to research by Continental, one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world, the results of people’s winter tire awareness are worrying: “drivers think winter tires are only for ice or snow conditions”

From Continental, the tire manufacturer company they where explaining that: “Actually , if you decide on one type of tire for the whole year, it’s better to drive with winter tires because the difference in the way of breaking with summer tires in winter is far better traction than the difference in the winter tire’s in summer “

Important facts

According to calculations, winter tires can improve the braking distance up to 5 meters at 100 km / h and with temperatures below 7 degrees, and even more if the road is wet. However, winter tires are intended for driving on cold asphalt, so the car will have better stability on the road , and the fuel consumption will be lower than the one in the summer, which in the long run financially justifies the need of such tires.

As a relief, car manufacturers offer special discounts or free wheels for the purchase of winter tires, so it would be best if you first check in the salon where your vehicle was purchased for such an action … Most of them will even be takeing care to store summer tires safely and ready for the season!